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Questions & Answer. Communications & Media Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


answering the given question based on the movie HITCH BY WILL SMITH


Nonverbal Communication
Q1. How does Attribution (internal and external) play a role in Alex, Sara, Albert, and Allegra’s interactions?
Attributions are insinuations made in relation to the causes of behavior and events. When people make these insinuations, it is because they want to understand their experiences. Attributions have a strong impact on how people interact with each other. Attributions made by people can be classified into internal or external. Internal is concerned with how an individual infer that the other person behavior is because of personal factors such as feelings, abilities, and traits. External attributions deduce that how one behaves is because of the situational factors. For example in Hitch, Albert and Allegra: Allegra claims internal attribution when she narrates the traits that made her fall in love with Albert (1:41:00) (Tennant, 2005). She was attracted to the real traits of Albert and not those instilled by Alex. Alex and Sara; they both declare why they are not all in the relationship Alex points out that they both scared and he is a guy and guys do not get it right the first time. In the other hand Sara decrees that she is a realist and she knows what love does to people, this is also internal attribution as they both infer to personal factors.

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