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Review of the Before Sunset Movie (Movie Review Sample)


It is a review of Before sunset movie The review focuses on urban planning of Paris as revealed in the movie


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Before sunset is a movie with a storyline of a French woman and an American writer who cross paths in Paris nine years after meeting in Vienna Austria. The two try to catch up on how they have been doing since the last time they met in Vienna(linklater,2004). However, there is no enough time for the two since Jesse has a flight to catch back to the United States. They then choose to walk through the streets of Paris giving the viewer an opportunity to enjoy the view of the modern Paris. It is at this point that one can realize that building Paris involved intensive modern urban planning.
Urban planning can be noted from the numerous physical designs of the city structures that are able to accommodate the huge number of residents in the city(Johnson,2012). As Jesse and Celine, the main characters in the movie, walk through the city, the camera operator gives a view of the great ambience of the city from modern architectures with a good environment of ample parking space, pedestrian friendly urban neighborhoods, many cafes and beautiful gardens. It is hence apparent the movie gives a picture of Paris as a good example of a well-planned city that other upcoming cities should follow.
The environment provides a platform for the lengthy dialogue between the actors in the movie. The city enables them to have options of what to do as they have a conversation. They have an option of boat riding, driving to Celine's apartment or even having coffee at one of the many elegant restaurants in the city. The movie hence makes the viewer appreciate the importance of proper urban planning before the actual structures are put in place.
City structure for Paris
The real city structure is experienced since the film unfolds as Jesse and Celine are outdoors in the city. They are filmed in popular Parisian park like the Promenade Plantee, in secure public environments, Passageways and Paris shops. A real show or topography of this city is seen since the film maker ensured that they held the camera long enough to ensure the viewers understand and see the city`s topography. During film making, the camera follows Jesse and Celine closely through the real Latin Quarter streets which lays impression of the organized city streets. Later, the camera follows them closely when they are from English language bookstore and behind them; street signs of street of St Julienlepauvre, lenavigator and Serge Kaiser are seen (Linklater,2004). In addition to that, the artificial part of constructed Paris is experienced at the point where Jesse and Celine are followed to the St Germaine des Pres and later to the St Paul church. The viewers are also able to see them on Le Pure Cafe which is around the famous Bastille. As the film ends, Jesse says he feels like continuing to walk to see the beautiful Paris city. These structures of Paris city are highlighted as autonomous, unique independent, and clear.
Importance of open space for a big city
In “Before Sunset” Film, several open spaces focused show the beautiful, green and unique big city of Paris. One of the big spaces that is focused is the green space known as the promade plantee. This attractive park is built on the railways` infrastructures; it is a uniquely built park for relaxing and refreshing. Leaving the green park, they walk towards the bank along laseine where they clearly see from a distance Pont de tournelle and later enjoy a boat ride(Hill,2010) . This shows the many activities that tourists in the open space for Paris city can enjoy. Bastille area that is seen in the camera as Jesse and Celine walk, rises forming a series of shops that display the quality and unique art work done in Paris. The actors are focused while in le pure café as they enjoy t...
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