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Social Sciences
Movie Review
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Analysis of the Movies, The Post and Deepwater Horizon (Movie Review Sample)


Answer each question by providing a paragraph for the questions listed in the “Movie Questions” document. Add few personal opinions where necessary.
Movies to watch:
1- The Post
2- Deepwater Horizon
The Post
Themes: courage, compassion, character development, ethical decision-making, mission, values, hardship
Discussion Starters
1. What virtues did Graham demonstrate? What virtue(s) do you think she developed after moving into a leadership role?
2. What factors helped Graham act courageously?
3. What virtues did Bradlee demonstrate? What character weaknesses?
4. How would you evaluate Bradlee as an ethical follower?
5. Would you have made the same decision as Graham? Why or why not?
Deepwater Horizon
Themes: warning signs, the shadow of power, groupthink, false agreement, crisis response, heroicaction, courage
Discussion Starters
1. What warning signs did the BP managers ignore or downplay?
2. By agreeing to close the well despite the pressure test results, was Mr. Jimmy partially responsible for the explosion and deaths?
3. Why do some people freeze in the face of crisis while others act?
4. Do you think that the BP managers should have faced a criminal trial for their actions?


Movie Questions
The Post (
What virtues did Graham demonstrate? What virtue(s) do you think she developed after moving into a leadership role?
Before Graham rose to a leadership position, she demonstrated the virtue of commitment. She was committed to her job by handling tasks men perceived as challenging. In fact, they thought she could not do such tasks, especially in a male-dominated environment. After moving into the leadership role, Graham showed the virtues of assertiveness and courage. From the movie, it is clear that males around her doubted her suitability for the role. When Ben Bradlee urged Graham to allow him to publish secret documents leaked by an American military analysis, Graham was courageous to deny such a request by balancing the future of the company and people employed against the public interest. She showed assertiveness by making bold decisions by taking the mantle of the company despite the pressure it comes with. For example, she chose Ben Bradlee as the Post’s executive editor since she believed they could achieve financial stability by investing in high-quality national news. She learned to find her voice in a male- dominated world through courage and assertiveness.
What factors helped Graham act courageously?
To begin with, the death of her father and husband motivated her to become courageous. In other words, she had to carry on her late father's and husband's legacies despite having no prior business experience. The co-worker, Ben Bradlee, provided the moral and social support that she required in 

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