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League of their own (Movie Review Sample)

Review the movie a league of their own and show it's significance source..
A league of their Own Name Institution of Affiliation "A League of their Own" directed by Penny Marshall is one rich in the theme of feminism. The historical setting of the film is between 1943 and 1954 during World War II. Most men have been recruited in the armed forces and as such there is a shortage of the men that can participate in baseball which is considered a masculine sport. Walter Harvey persuades other men that have stakes in the game of baseball to bankroll a Women’s baseball league hence the inception of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGBL) (Greenhut et al., 1992). The theme of feminism is apparent in the film since the recruitment of team members is not only done on the criterion of good athletic ability but beauty is also an important criterion for a woman to join a baseball team. The fact that women are not expected to show good performance in this "masculine" game is made apparent by the coach of the prominent Rockford Peaches who treats the women’s team as a joke at the start of the league. In the film, women have been objectified for the sexual amusement of men. Women are forced to dress skimpily because the men in charge of running the league believe that they can only attract large crowds in the stadiums if they use women as sexual objects. Comments such as "There is no crying in baseball" made by Jimmy Dugan (the coach of Rockford Peaches) (Greenhut et al., 1992) shows that women are believed to be weak and unable to meet the demanding nature of the game (Cahn, 2015). However, the women in the film come out as heroines as the Peaches qualify for the World Series and become champions through the prowess of Dottie who outshines her sister Kit in the final match (Greenhut et al., 1992). There are two main female characters in the film, Dottie and Kit. Dottie is presented as a better player than her sister Kit who is only recruited to the team so that she can convince her sister to join. The two main characters are uneducated farm girls that have to be cultured to "act lady-like" during the team’s tutorial sessions. Kit is discontent with the suburban life which is why she is motivated to join the baseball team. As for Dottie, she is content with her life on the farm and only leaves for the sake of her sister. Dottie is ready to leave the team the moment her husband comes back from war and this is an indication that she is content with living in the shadow of her husband. Dottie has established her place in the team and she is a valued player but she is ready to give all that up to be wit...
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