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Civil Engineering Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


A question based assignment on bridge construction techniques


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QA.In view of the dense population in the busy city, Government is planning a new footbridge at Road and the proposed footbridge layout is shown in the diagram below. Please note that the span length is about 20 m and no intermediate pier is allowed.
* Trussed bridge structural form
Fig. 4.23 (Warren Truss
with deck through ‐ Through Truss)
Fig. 4.24 (Stiffened Warren Truss with top deck ‐ Deck Truss)
Fig. 4.25
(A typical Warren Truss)
Fig. 4.26
(A truss bridge with precast concrete deck)
Fig. 4.27 (Pratt Truss)
Fig. 4.28 (Howe Truss)
Fig. 4.29 (Spandrel‐filled Arch Bridge)
For the construction of the footbridge, the most appropriate structural form is the trussed structural steel. The reasons behind the selection of a truss bridge are with respect to the load in which the bridge will be exposed to. Often, the weight of a human being is not so much that it will impose heavy load s that are likely to interfere with the structural properties of the bridge within a short span say twenty years (Alencar et al., 2019). Reflecting on the cable bridge as demonstrated in the diagrams above; it becomes one of the lightest means available which is most efficient. The bridge will likely enable a considerable amount of span without causing any penalty in terms of the weight of the structure. In addition, the design of the truss bridge allows for the installation of a bridge in a place which is characterized by a large population which have a significant impact on the environment.
Still on the availability and ease of use of the truss bridge, one has the ability to perform other reinforcements at any given time without necessarily generating other extra stressors which have an impact on the quality of the span. This will ensure that the maintenance does not take long and hence enabling the free usual movement of the people within the city. The materials which are also utilized, normal are the lightweight metals and have the potential of offering protection to the structure against strong winds as well as precipitation. These structures aim at offering great support to the components (Egilmez et al., 2016).

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