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Fall of Humanity Research Paper: Then and Now Worksheet (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet


Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet
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Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet
Part One: The Fall – Then
Question 1: Human Nature in Genesis 1-2
The book of Genesis describes human creation in a pattern incorporating multiplication and ruling. God created the moon, sun, stars, and moon in the event making man the ruler over the earth. First, the biblical count of humankind indicates that God made a man of the stuff of the cosmos. In Genesis 2:7, evidences that the Lord created man from the dust and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, hence man became a living being. As such, the Bible makes it clear that man is a derivative of the same material as Earth. Secondly, man shares life with the animals, as the book of Genesis 1:30 reads that all the earth's beasts and birds of the sky alongside creatures moving along the ground, had green plant for food. The nature of man, according to Genesis 1:28, 2:15, and 2:20 describes God’s purpose for humankind as fruitful, multiply, and subdue the earth. Lastly, God created man in his own image, as Genesis 1:27 shows (Wilson, 1973). The description of man’s nature to the image of God references a key point in the book, which separates man from other animal species.
Question 2: The Consequences of the Fall for Human Nature
Genesis 3 describes a tale in the Garden of Eden, featuring a common traditional Protestant interpretation, Satan, which came in the form of a snake. The snake convinced Eve that God lied to her alongside Adam relating to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam fell into the trap, and both ate the forbidden fruit. Scholars describe this scenario as the fall of humanity that came with the consequences of sin for the first time. According to Wilson (1973), the fall of humanity brought about death, as the Bible had taught that before this, animals lived forever and without bloodshed. Overall, the fall of humanity brought the consequences of death, bloodshed, and labor pain for women.
Question 3: The Human Purpose
The Reading of Genesis shows that God created people to reflect His image and likeness, which displays the power, design, and goodness. Thus, God designed human body, unlike other creatures, like the ability to communicate and understand, feel emotions, and think rationally evidences the purpose for which God created people. Humans are emotional, creative, and spiritual beings, unlike to other animal kingdoms. As Tracy (2006) posits, the human brain features an exceptional ability to be creative in various ways, such as appreciation of beauty as well as creative thinking. Besides that, man can communicate emotions and thoughts based on a standard language.
Question 4: Pantheistic View of Human Nature, Purpose, and Flourishing
A pantheistic view of human nature references the universe as the eventual focus of reverence, as well as for the natural earth as sacred. Pantheism would present a naturalistic view that accepts and reverse nature and the universe as they appear, hence promoting ethic of humanity and animal rights. In regards to this, a pantheistic perception of the world indicates that God created all things, separating creation and God.
Part Two: The Fall – Now
Domestic Violence
There is no doubt domestic violence is a serious problem in the contemporary society. Data on crime related to domestic violence evidence that an average of 23 incidents occurs every day. In fact, domestic has made headlines as the leading cause of injuries to women from ages 15 and 44, more than car accidents, rapes, and muggings. For example, there are over four million women suffering domestic violence in the US every year by their husbands, male lovers, or x-husbands. Even though the phenomenon has existed throughout the centuries, it remained widely unrecorded and hidden in the society. The causes of domestic violence include consumption of alcohol, individual history, and the existence of casual re...
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