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Questions About Social Movements And Qualities Of A Good President (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


questions about social movements and qualities of a good president

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Social movements
All-directional lobbying, this strategy pursues both the outsider and insider techniques concurrently. The free-rider challenge that is facing the establishment of organizations. It is a complex term, but it basically means that if individuals behaved in rational ways, they should not participate in group activities if they still obtain its advantages without incurring costs for them. Alternatively, they should ride freely while leaving other people to attend meetings, pay accrued expenses and take charge of the overall running of the associations. Perhaps the term political entrepreneurs means that people are involved in taking risks by forming virtual communities for political activities with the minimum amounts of cash as possible.
Lobbying is the process of influencing decisions in favour a particular opinion or course of action. Modern lobbying includes new features such as availing information to reporters and editors, forming alliances with and even establishing local groups, and giving out funds to policy associations and research.
E-media plays a key role in the process of conducting online campaigns and it also wages support to political leaders. Collective bargaining agreements; this is an agreement formed by unions to counter the domination by managers and owners of production rights. These agreements enabled workers to stage protests in factories, massive picketing campaigns, nation-wide strikes and this made managers to ultimately give in to their calls. Success of these engagements rely largely on political activities the unions are engaged. What are corporate campaigns in abstract terms? What measures has the United States government taken to ensure that unions are protected as key inputs in the welfare of her citizens. Are there such laws in the federal constitution? What are the differences between workers unions and occupational associations?
Qualities of a good president
One of the most significant quality to look for in a president is their campaigning skills. Campaigns talk more about the presidential candidate; here, people know the oratory skills of the contestants and usually prefer the one who can articulate their issues correctly. It also demonstrates how organized a candidate is by being able to plan and execute the enormous activities before them in all the states. They should also have serious leadership skills. Just like company executives, and trade union leaders, the president should have sound leadership capacities. A person who has the ability to bring all leaders together and motivate them to aim higher in their spheres of influence.

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