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Region: Pennsylvania part of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Creative Writing (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


it is a multiple choice question


Region: Pennsylvania part of the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Answer to Q1.
Waning Gibbous- Date: 28th Feb 2021.
Answer to Q2.
22 December which is the shortest day of the year.
Answer to Q3.
1 Northern Cross
2 Lyra
3 Cygnus
4 Delphinus
5 Cassiopeia
Reference Source:
Answer to Q4.
The heaviest snows in Pennsylvania mostly come from Lake Effect, Squall lines, Alberta Clippers and nor ’easterners.
Answer to Q5.
The growing season in lowlands is around 6 to 7 months long, this is because of the warm summers and mild winters. For the uplands, the growing season is averaged at around 130 days, this is also influenced by severe winters and mild summers.
Answer to Q6.
Pennsylvanian zones include 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a and partly 7b.
Answer to Q7.
Around 1 billion years ago, the eastern edge of the American tectonic plate collided with another continent. This caused great compressional stress in the collision zone. The magnitude of the stress and heat involved led to the buckling of the continental shelf, pushing mountains up in an event referred to as Grenville Orogeny. The collision caused the uplifting of mountains and the metamorphism of rocks. This process created a supercontinent. Following long processes of erosion and relaxation of land, at the time when weathering wore down Grenville mountains, the supercontinents started to break apart. This resulted in the formation of a new ocean to the East (Iapetus Ocean) and some other seas (for example, Octoraro Sea). The act of pulling apart also led to the formations of microcontinents which were large islands off the coast. Pulling apart also caused some volcanic eruptions forming volcanic mountains, the pulling apart of the crust also led to the formation of valleys and basins. After millions of years, Pangea (Supercontinent) bro

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