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Curriculum Designs (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


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In our contemporary world, people get educated to eliminate ignorance and be economically successful. This is according to David Orr in his four myths about foundation of the modern education. But this is not the case since education hasn’t imparted us with decency and prudence we yearn for, but exposes our resources which we depend for our future health and prosperity into dire jeopardy.
In his first myth that the right education and curriculum design can eliminate ignorance, I am contrary to it since with every increase in knowledge, it is accompanied by its ignorance. In fact, these ignorance can be life-threatening. For example, the discoveries of weapons which have been mishandled making people live in fear from terrorism. Therefore ignorance cannot be solved.
Secondly, David said that education provides knowledge required to manage the earth and our communities. We are developed, modern and technological with knowledge to study the earth and society, but the earth and its life systems cannot be managed due its complexity. What needs to be managed is our economies, politics, desires and communities to which are components making up a man. These factors are re-shaped to enable us fit into our planet instead of having to reshape our planet to fit into our endless needs.
In the third myth; education increases human goodness (wisdom), we should understand that wisdom or goodness is immeasurable and that whenever knowledge increases, other kinds of knowledge are lost. In fact, increasing knowledge has landed us into confusion; that learning increases our goodness to be ethical yet we are ignorant of the things we ultimately should know to live well on the earth.
Lastly, education doesn’t enable learners to be successful. Education has led to graduation of half-baked labour not capable of changing the wellbeing of the society. Earth no longer needs successful people, but more peacemakers, moralists and healers. It desperately requires people who love every form and live well. It needs people who are able to fight to enable the planet humane and habitable...
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