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Project Budget Development and Earned Value Management Feasibility (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The project you created for this session is at a point where you have to determine how you will determine the health of your project. After doing your reading for this week, it is clear the budget of your project is important to understand. Once you understand your budget you need to explain if earned value analysis is a viable method for you to use for your project. Of course, earned value analysis isn't for every project.
First, create a high level budget and write a two- to three-page paper explaining why you believe earned value analysis is or isn't an acceptable alternative for your project to adopt based on projects like yours. Make sure that you explain your points with details and use supporting evidence to help you make your arguments. Your paper needs to be in APA format as well as your references. There should be at least three references. Your submission will be based on the strength of your arguments and the supporting evidence you provided.


Project Budget Development and Earned Value Management Feasibility
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Project Budget Development and Earned Value Management Feasibility
When coping with a project, it is critical to understand the budget and measure the challenge's health. Effective mission size can assist become aware of regions of improvement and ensure that an undertaking remains on target. One of the most popular strategies for measuring project fitness is through the usage of Earned Value Analysis (Almeida, Abrantes, Romão & Proença, 2021). The paper will discuss the significance of finances in an assignment, create excessive-degree finance for a sample assignment, and examine if EVA applies to the undertaking.
Importance of Budget in a Project
Budgeting is a crucial thing in task control. A project budget affords an outline of the financial sources required to finish all of the assignment’s activities effectively. It consists of all expenses related to the assignment, which includes materials, hard work, equipment, and overheads. The finances play an essential position in ensuring that the mission remains

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