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Personal Branding Assignment - Answers To Some Raised Questions (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


personal branding assignment. answers to some raised questions.


Personal Branding Assignment
Student Name:
Question 1
The following are my five strengths and how I have used them in the past.
i. I have strong analytical skills.
I am a problem solver. I like taking a setback or crisis as it emerges and tackle it from different angles. Every challenge I face individually, or as a team, I take it positively. They help me think broadly and have a better understanding of the working environment. I always enjoy helping other people to come up with creative solutions. At my last company, I was engaged in various teams formed to solve the challenges which affected the performance of the organization and come up with different ways to increase productivity. I led the group to analyze the performance of every department in the organization to determine how they were operating and we came up with options on how they can be integrated to work together efficiently. We managed to streamline the process whereby we improved the quality of the services given in every department. My team was awarded as the best performing group.
ii. I am time conscious and punctual.
I have a personal record of strong working ethics. I am committed to meeting deadlines, and I am always in the office in time. In my past few duties, I was assigned a client who held me on a tight deadline. I had to deliver some key paperwork to him which we received late in the office, and I had few hours before the deadline. Therefore, I chose not to go home and ignore my duties, and so I stayed late in the office and finished the project to make sure that I not only met the deadline but also give an accurate report to the client.
iii. I have excellent communication skills.
With my strong writing and oral communication skills, I was able to handle various activities in customer care services. For instance, I worked as a customer care personnel at my past organization where I was assigned different activities like responding to the client inquiries concerning the products and services we offered as a firm. I used to communicate with the customers physically and also through phone, and I also sent them formal emails and messages to inform them on about their enquired. I represented my organization in conducting presentations on seminars and different occasions where we had to inform our clients and customers on various changes or advancements in the products and services we offered. This enabled us to maintain good customer relations with our clients.
iv. I am flexible and adaptable
I am able to adapt quickly to some negative and any positive changes happening in a working environment. This has enabled me to cope with new ideas and embrace them in my daily activities. In my past organization, I was able to find more time out of the work schedule to deal with the urgent tasks to ensure that I met the set deadlines and also satisfy the needs of our clients. This enabled our organization to increase its productivity and acquire its vast clientele.
v. I am a good team player.
I have the ability to control my team members and coordinate activities to meet the set objectives. In my past organization, I was assigned the responsibility to guide my group in analyzing its operations and come up with decisions which helped the organization in improving its performance. I was able to lead and coordinate the activities of the group in analyzing the productivity of every department to determine setbacks that were likely to inhibit the performance of the organization in general. We were able to restructure the activities of various departments which resulted in positive outcomes.
Question 2
My career test results are as follows:
Personality Type: ENTJ
The ENTJs are innovators who are goal-oriented and well organized.They are assertive and have the ability to understand complex group dynamics. Also, they are competitive and authoritative.
Summary of strengths: ENTJ
The people under ENTJ are creative, organized and also possess logical skills. Besides, they are action-oriented, and problem-solvers who plans and conceptualizes to achieve their goals. They are also able to lead a team and push for success.
These results have enabled me to understand my qualities and strengths well. Through TypeFocus careers Program, I have been able to know the qualities of those individuals fall under ENTJs groups, their strengths and the kind of jobs which match their personality and abilities. It has also helped me to switch my focus from job titles to consider what those occupations entail regarding duties and responsibilities as well as employee requirements in terms academic qualifications, experience, and skills. For instance, this information has enabled me to under

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