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Statement of Purpose Creative Writing Essay Paper Sample (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this client wanted a statement of purpose that she would present to her embassy so that she could explain her reasons for wanting to study abroad. the client provided her resume and documents for references but she gave me leeway in creating the story in my own way.


Statement of Purpose
One of the things that I consider to be most important in life is having good relations with people around me. This attitude developed into a love for taking care of people from an early age when I watched my parents during social gatherings as they always ensured that everyone was happy and satisfied. This was similar to what I had seen employees in hotels doing and how their customers reacted by giving them large tips. When I asked my father, who is a businessman, about his love for making people happy, he told me that strong leadership and quality customer care are the factors that generate customer value and satisfaction which can in turn be translated into loyalty.
I therefore learnt firsthand from watching my parents and their employees that success in any industry is based on the use of customer-centric strategies, having a good disposition, and staying updated on consumer trends and needs in the industry. Working with my father and seeing how he interacted with his customers is what initially motivated me to apply for and successfully complete an advanced diploma in hospitality management from the Colombo International Hotel School.

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