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Professional counseling questions and answers Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task was a master course work on professional counseling.


Exercise 1.1 Questions to Ponder
Exercise 1.1 Questions to Ponder
Question 1
In the future, professional counseling will be defined as an interpersonal correlation that takes place when a professional, an advisor or a consultant, operates directly on the specific problem of the client
Question 2
There are various specialties of professional counseling that are yet to emerge. For instance, the area of online therapy is yet to emerge the way professional counselor intended. Contemporary online advice has been constrained to the use of video messaging, audio clips, as well as secure text messages. With time, the use of technology will take professional counseling to another level. Another area that is much likely to improve is medical therapy. There are higher prospects of shifting to a treatment approach that is centered more on the client. 

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