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Anti-Piracy Policy & Guidance Writing Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the sample is a guide on piracy & Guidance


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Anti-Piracy Policy & Guidance
1. Purpose
This policy serves the following purposes:
* To ensure Mo – Tec Service Company uses licensed software
* All equipment and software leased or owned by Mo – Tec Service Company is licensed
* All software licensed by Mo – Tec Service Company are not copied and not used against the license agreement.
2. Scope
This policy applies to;
* Any premise owned by Mo – Tec Service Company where computerized equipment is used.
* All the Mo – Tec Service Company's employees and service providers, to use the company's information system resources.
* All software used in the company to be put under the jurisdiction of Mo – Tec Service Company policies.
3. Policy
3.1. Policy Statement
The Mo – Tec Service Company will work to ensure that software used in the company is fully licensed for the reasons it is used for. That use of the non-licensed software is a serious breach that can lead the company to be fined or, a virus attack can be launched to the IT systems, and this may lead to the loss of the company's reputation. The policies and the guidance are as per the rules set by the FAST - Federation Against Software Theft.
3.2. Objectives
* To create awareness of the need to use licensed software
* Ensuring all software used in the company are well licensed
* To provide Mo – Tec Service Company is not exposed to the unhealthy environment for using unlicensed software.
3.3. Policy Overview
Mo – Tec Service Company uses a range of property software in its op

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