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Climate Change May Threaten These Bamboo Eating Lemurs (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paer is a summary of a website article on effects of climate change on a species of Lemur.

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Climate Change may Threaten these Bamboo-eating Lemurs
In summary, the article talks about how climate change has affected the lives of animals on the planet. It specifically talks about how negatively the survival of the greater bamboo lemur has been affected by the very long dry seasons which come about as a result of climate change. The climate change has threatened the existence of these lemurs towards extinction in most parts of the world. The topic became of interest to me because of the talk about climate change. Climate change is one of the significant challenges facing the existence of life on earth, and after reading the topic, I wanted to know more how it has affected the species of lemur discussed. The issue of climate change is a broad field of study and is essential to understand as it affects the existence of various life forms on earth. By carrying out such research, we can understand to what extent the climate change has influenced the life on earth either positively or negatively. A greater understanding of climate change helps us identify and understand the endangered species of animals, and from the study, we can take appropriate steps to conserve and protect their existence. By studying climate change, we are also able to learn about how far the effects have spread, to what ...
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