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Guangdong; the Global Economy's Toilet Bowl, Industries (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


after reading Jonathan watt's "When a Billion Chinese Jump: how China will save mankind--or destroy it", imagine that you are a resident of Guangdong, and write a letter to one of the united kingdom daily newspaper columns.

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Guangdong; the Global Economy’s Toilet Bowl
I believe a mention of Guangdong may mean very little to the citizens of the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, not very many Commoners in the United Kingdom have any idea what I am talking about. Guangdong is not a person, as some may think; it is a province in China, the one adjacent to the South China Sea. A mention of China alone has taken your attention now. Everybody knows China. Everybody knows that it is the world’s number one polluter. China has just surpassed United State in Carbon IV Oxide production and now it is the number one contributor to the greenhouse gas and global warming (Watts 6). China has jumped and tilted the economy. Now the world’s economy needs to readjust itself.
Guangdong is the number one dumping site in the whole worlds. Industries from your countries need to find a place to get rid of their low quality and waste products. Their target is China, and in China, they are taken to Guangdong. The province forms the recycling point of this dumped garbage. This has led to pollution has gone out of hand, and some people are even displaced out of their original homes. If you see us having a bad attitude towards the Europeans hovering around in our street, don’t judge us, you can’t be too careful these days. These Europeans come around our town, do their feasibility studies, and when they come back, they start a garbage recycling company. Some disguise as journalists as they research the market to dump their refuse.
Malthus used to predict that, with the rise in manufacturing in China, we will start experiencing an imbalance of trade. His prediction has come true. British want to balance their trade with China while China produces far much more than the British. The trade between China and Britain used to be so okay until the exportation of opium from Britain was stopped both governments. Today, they use the garbage to close the gap created by the drug. It is cheaper to send garbage from London to Guangdong than from London to Manchester (Zong-rong 98). Your son Adam Smith could have supported what you do by saying it is normal business. He once stated in the 18th century that China is so poor that they ate rubbish.
I blame you as much as I blame my country and my government. The royal families are in the palace while the peasants are suffering in streets. How can our government willingly receive garbage thrown out from Europa? The garbage has an adverse effect on our people. Guangdong is the dumping site for computers all over the world. The government is aware of the consequences, but they won’t do anything lest thy hurt the economy. All the European countries forbid dumping, why choose Chine as your dumping site? Or all that you care about is cleaning your end not caring about the other end, the Pareto Coefficient. You hurt somebody so that you can benefit the other. Your products are poisoning people. People are dying, some are getting displaced. The environmental rules that we could have run to are just too weak to help us. At least somebody ensured they are that way.
Both my government and your government are aware that what they are doing is not right. They have made sure that the manufacturers do not reveal the identity of their suppliers. Right now Guangdong has become the counterfeit center of the whole world. It is also a hub for trading ...
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