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Introduction Of The Organization: Zara, Pestle Analysis (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I received instrution from the client and then i followed the instruction.


Introduction of the Organization:
A Spanish clothing brand since 1975 founded by Rosalia Mera and Ortega Gaona is one of the most famous selling brands worldwide. The 86 countries are having more than 1500 stores all over the world selling trendy men, women clothes and accessories. It is one of the most profitable businesses from Inditex SA having unique value proposition goal.
The ZARA came up with the mission of developing sustainable society through their business model and envisions the continuous innovation of business through new designs and providing quality to their customers.
As a profitable business throughout they have focused on a strategy of providing innovation in clothing with reasonable prices but changing trend and fashion. This goal has given them an opportunity to provide frequent good quality and trendy clothing and products than its competitors. Adam, P (2013)
External environment analysis:
The external environment of ZARA can be critically analyze through PESTLE analysis model. The PESTLE analysis can give clear understanding of the factors that influence the business strategies.
PESTLE Analysis: the PESTLE analysis comprising of the six components given:
The government policies and intervention through economic affairs in the business has a great impact on the overall business model and no model can be develop without taking insight the political situation of the countries the business is based in. For its parent country where the business originate ZARA will less likely face any controversies and it has fair chance of growth in the European Union for expansion of its business due to stable political situation of the countries while establishing new outlets in third world countries and countries in warzone are more challenging to ZARA.
As long ZARA is using stable currency that is pound/Euro and not Dollar the business remained unaffected in the current recession and drop of Dollar. But it could be challenge in future if ZARA is dealing in the local economy of the countries where it has franchised outlets other than European countries.
ZARA a brand in a Spain would have the local adoptability and acceptability but in the global context the designs and acceptance for international product is a challenge which needs to be strategized.
The new technology in manufacturing has been developed and adopted by competitors around ZARA in the market but ZARA has focused on eco friendly technology and by dividing the task of manufacturing in systematic tasks.
The country support industrial businesses which favor the ZARA growth and its expansion in market.
Environmental Issues:
Across the boundaries expansion needs market insight studies, modification according to local market and strategies to cop the challenges of global markets like its competitors should be its strategy. Keller, A. A. (2012
Porter's 5 Forces:
The feasibility and quality of industry can be analyzed through five forces of business to evaluate its weight in market. The Porter's five force analysis of ZARA is given as:
* Buyers Power: As long the ZARA is providing innovative products the influx of the buyers will converge towards it. But having a strong market completion buyers force is moderately strong on ZARA.
* Rivalry: one of the quality which can keep it ahead of its rivals is uniqueness of its products.
* Substitutes: Good substitutes in the market are might costly or of poor quality which is giving an edge to ZARA over competitors.
* New entrants: Currently the ZARA along with few more like H&M and Gap are contemporary and the new entrant have to be cost effective with innovative with technology to beat the existing brands.
* Suppliers: ZARA has all the licenses to deal with supplier which is not a pressure for the business at preset and near future. David, F. (2013)
Strategic Capabilities Analysis:
The distinctive capabilities of ZARA as unique brand involves the organizational resources of market oriented strategies, staff education, eco friendly strategies, production strategies and value chain improvement. By preferring the customers need ZARA has always make loyal customers and have reached their demands like big brands. Keeping in view its customer services ZARA has prioritized the staff training to educate its staff. In an aware society of Europe it has adopted a policy of eco-friendly production and like every big industry it has won the customers trust for environment protection. With its research in innovating new designs and around two weeks time of producing new designs value chain which is unique than any of its competitors has earned it the customers loyalty and product value. Web (2016)
SWOT Analysis:
Given table shows the SWOT analysis for ZARA: Zara's Fashion 2013




Competitive Generic Strategies:
According to porters the generic strategies involve the cost leadership, differentiation and segmentation, on the base of which the ZARA business strategies analysis has been given:
Segmentation strategy: Although ZARA has divided its whole range of products into men, women and children but has ignored extensive segmentation of the product in the specific segment of women

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