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The Importance of Branding a Company in Business (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


THE DISCUSSION POST explains THE IMPORTANCE OF BRANDING A COMPANY IN BUSINESS. It provides concrete reasons why branding is important to any business, large or small, and how branding builds relationships between companies and customers. IT FURTHER EXPLAINS THAT IT IS BRANDING THAT HELPS A COMPANY IDENTIFY AND DISTINGUISH ITSELF FROM OTHERS TO THRIVE IN OUR CURRENT WORLD OF COMPETITIVE MARET.


The Importance of Branding a Company in Business

Brands help establish your business and give customers a sense of what they can expect from your company (Vivek). A distinctive brand identity differentiates your business from its competitors, and positions you as a better option for customers.
Nivea is my primary firm of interest. Nivea perfectly embodies a different image of an all-inclusive commodity that unquestionably publicizes a stupefying representation of its naturally-flawless, fresh, trustworthy, soft, anti-aging, multifunctional skin care products via the eyes of consumers. Furthermore, in the article about consumer perceptions of Nivea, they identified Nivea as "care", "mildness", "validity", "sensuality", "premium quality", "feeling good" and, finally, what we all look at or rather stare at, customarily before making that ultimate consumer judgement call of whether or not the acquisition should be made, "surprisingly affordable".
Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Starbucks, Tiktok, Facebook and McDonalds are among the other brands that are expected to remain in business for a long time. This is due to the fact that these sorts of businesses offer unique products and services that other firms may be able to replicate or give. Coca-Cola, for example, has been able to acquire other brands, so avoiding payments and retaining the popularity of their brand. Nike, on the other hand, has centered its marketing efforts on famous athletes in order to promote and advertise their products; such high-profile players have a significant effect on buyers. These firm brands have managed to become well-known all across the world, making them competitive year after year.
The Netflix documentary was fascinating. It provided a range of insights into what it is like to develop a brand, as well as the high stakes of rebranding or revamping an existing brand that is liked and admired. Seeing how additions and changes are made was both enlightening and motivating. I believe that when creativity is unharnessed, it has no limitations or restrictions. This is both fascinating and perilous at the same time. The documentary concludes by outlining a problem that Instagram is facing. That challenge is to "stay Instagram" 

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