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Media Review Assignment Communications & Media Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


with the article provided you are analyze the article/advertisement, looking carefully at its representation of markers difference and/or power. these may include representation of race, class,culture,sexuality or language.examine the assumptions the article makes and underlying biases that may dictate its argument or mode of presentation. how is it argued? how does it each its conclusion? are any biases revealed through the authors choice of words, language, descriptors, etc? why and how are images used? you may also want to consider the presumed audience and how this might affect representation
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Systemic Racism
The question of whether racism can be brought to an end or not depend on efforts by civil rights leaders and advocates. It is based on grouping of people on the basis of physical appearance for social discrimination that disadvantages African Americans. Systemic racism creates disparities in many success indicators such as healthcare, education, politics, housing, employment, criminal justice unit, and wealth. It makes it difficult for people of color to participate in the economy and society (Fanon and Fanon 134). This calls for action against systemic racism.
Racisms' impact on society
Unemployment rates for African Americans are considerably higher than the national average. Research has shown that due to restrictions within the U.S labor market, African Americans have been barred from opportunities aimed at high-ranked jobs instead of piled in low-slung income occupations that do not offer shield laws such as those attentive on overtime, trading, and smallest wage. This account of structural racism has created a breach in the labor market between whites and African American society (Fanon, and Fanon 138). African Americans remain excessively exaggerated over every phase of criminal justice systems, regardless of the indication that diverse ethnic and indigenous sets commit misconducts at approximately nearly the similar proportions.

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