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Digital Communication Assignment Engineering Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the paper is on Digital communication. it handles question on distorting transmission of signals by the linear filter channel


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Digital Communication Assignment
The real human life is full of communication. Communication made is comprised of the signals. The signals are in the form of sound, which is naturally analog. It is to be established over a wide area that an analog signal is transmitted through wires. The sending process takes places in some distinctive methods. Analog communication encounter interferences, distortion alongside other losses. These calamities are overcome by digital communication, which has ones and zeros. This assignment will deal with calculations concerning the distortion of transmission of signals by the linear filter channel. It will handle the average probability of error, ISI due to band-limited channel, pulse shaping, optimum transmit and receive filters, zero-forcing equalizer, and a Mat lab laboratory on Zero-Forcing Equalizer. The results of channel distortion are the ISI (inter-symbol interference). This occurs at the demodulator output. The results of these are the error probabilities that are detected at the detector. Generally, the channel of linear filter has many stringent needs when designing the modulation signals. The signals to be transmitted should have a design to the satisfaction of the bandwidth constraints that are imposed by the channel. The restriction of the bandwidth has the utilization of the rectangular pulses. This is at the modulator.

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