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In the Face of Ebola, Stay Calm (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Op-Talk in the face of ebola, stay calm
Deadline: 2014-10-10 10:03 PM
Time left: 1days h 54m
Created: 2014-10-08 2:57 AM Level: Undergraduate Grade: Guaranteed 2:1 Standard (Normal Charge);
Pages: 3 Style: MLA Country: USA (GMT -6)
Sources: 3 Language Style: English (U.S.)
Project description
Visit and chose a op-ed article that you find interesting as the focus for your rhetorical analysis (I chose the one on Ebola). Next write a multi-paragraph detailed analysis in which you analyze the article rhetorically using the principles discussed in Chapter 6 of Everything's an Argument. 
Show how the article succeeds, fails, or does something else entirely. Perhaps you can show that the author is unusually successful in connecting with the readers but then has nothing to say. Or perhaps you discover that the strong logical appeal is undercut by a contradictory emotional argument. Be sure that the analysis includes a brief summary of the original essay and basic publication information about it (it's author, place of publication, and publisher).
Use the "Guide to Writing a Rhetorical Analysis" on page 114-119 of textbook Everything's an Argument to guide you during the writing process. 
Remember the essay should contain an introduction paragraph, body paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph. Also cite all sources in the text of the essay as well as in a works cite page.

Author’s Name:
Professor’s Name:
In the Face of Ebola, Stay Calm
Dr Facely, the head of Red Cross Society was under the task to be in charge of control and treat the Ebola infection in West Africa especially Guinea. He told the Christian Science Monitor media that "Panic is our worst enemy." His expressions came at brink of a lockdown in Monrovia, Liberia that ignited fear and violence. In this article analysis, Anna Altman published an article on New York Times on 7th October this year objectively to convince and educate readers that panic and violence is not only resorts in case of Ebola outbreak. The primary audiences of the writer are the United States citizens especially in Dallas in the wake of an Ebola incident. Anna alludes to several facts and evidence to sustain that such tragic disease doesn’t warrant any panic to any place where suspicion of the Ebola occurs. Anna skillfully employs Personal anecdotes, facts, language style, and tone as techniques to create a successful argument.
Anna introduces the article with significant anecdote describing the situation in West Africa. Two of them: "panic is our worst enemy" by Dr Diawara and the other is "you might say, is what hysteria has wrought (Altman, 2014)." The technique without more ado establishes the argument as not only personal and informal, but also intended to bring the ownership of the audience to the claim. It is an excellent approach to capturing the audience's attention. This specific anecdote forms the basis of the article as a way to educate. In explaining these anecdotes, the writer uses two case studies: Shakie Kamara case in Monrovia, Liberia and the Dallas Ebola man case. In Liberia, a 16 year old boy, Shakie Kamara was shot in the legs as the boy might be Ebola infected and that his blood might transmit the infection (Altman, 2014). Considering that nobody came to the rescue of the boy, the author uses this incident to further show how fear and violence thus keeping the story alive and connecting with the audience. In the case of Dallas the author bombards two critical areas of panic but presents them in a way that keeps the audience attached (Kinkade et al.).
Immediately after capturing the audiences’ attention, the writer comfortably takes on a series of facts and evidence to show that such panic witnessed in Monrovia is unwarranted. The public that the writer is addressing have to to get substantive evidence supporting the claim. She relies on Dr. Beresin and Dr. Schlozman’s data which show that no likelihood of an infection outbreak in United States. The data also retaliates that experts’ indication is that the US medical infrastructure is up to standard to be able to handle whatsoever disease. It further states that there have been instances of "horrible epidemics and expeditious efforts have been invoked towards prevention (Altman, 2014). She might not have extensive knowledge in the subject, but her careful inclusion of experts makes the argument relevant and acceptable to the readers.
As with the language style, the techniques such as diction, imagery, analogies, repetition, inductive tone to speak out to her audience. Anna employs use of technical vocabulary, and conceptual phrases create not only the writer knowledgeable or pompous but also long experience on the subject. Such pick of words creates even more reliability to the audience. Form and structure of initial few paragraphs clues the reader what to expect (Kinkade et al.). The author has presented a scheming manner that is meant to outline readers’ response to ideas.
Diction can be defined as writer’s choice of words in the article. Although aiming to win the readers to buy that panic and violence should not prioritize in presence of the virus, the author uses directly and sturdy words to show that the virus infection is dangerous nonetheless. Such words include "catastrophic”..."Ebola”…transmissible (Altman, 2014). The second style Anna use is imagery that often affects the pathos. For instance, the image of a boy being shot in the legs is a power way of evoking the reality of the panic and resultant violence. Repetition is another most prevalent style that the writer has used. There a...
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