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Story of the Ancestors: The Scar of Motherhood (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Short story:
Imagine and get in the head of one of your ancestors, and tell their story in a 2-page double-spaced paper. You might imagine the story of one of your ancestor’s adventures or what it was like for them to live through a particular time, or make a particular decision. Remember that although the story should be rooted in reality (i.e., even if it didn’t, it could have happened), the story is fictional, and you can take artistic liberty.


The Scar of Motherhood
Friday evening, the day before the Sabbath. The busy weekend was winding down as the sun made its way to the west. I made my way to my favorite spot by a nearby river at the far end of our farm. This is the place I grew up in. This river has seen me develop from a toddler to a full-grown woman. I love this spot because, after a long day, I can surround myself with nature's tranquility and let the city's buzzing noise fade away. As I sat by the bench my father had made years ago, I could not help but let my mind drift away to the melodies of evening birds and the gentle murmur of the water flowing downstream. Then a memory strikes me. As I close my eyes, I try to piece together all the pieces of the story passed down to us by my grandfather about my great-grandmother and her famous "Scar of Motherhood."
One day as me, as my grandmother went to the farm, she brought her one-year-old son Liam along so he could enjoy nature and get some fresh air. Our village

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