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Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on Students Social Sciences Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In this project, I was task with writing a synopsis from an article titled "Measuring outcomes of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine use among college students: A preliminary test of the shortened inventory of problems-alcohol and drugs (SIP-AD).”


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Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on Students
This study aimed to test the problems associated with drugs and alcohol abuse among students. The authors aimed at examining the trend of the substance consumption in a sample population. The sample population covered students studying in a university located in the south. The study was essential because it comes at such a time when students’ arrests by the Federal Bureau of Investigation were rampant (Wayne et al. 558). The arrest was a result of various violations of the laws against drug abuse by the students. Previously several cases of injuries and property damage had also been reported.
The study involved a sample of 421 students both of which were from the Southeastern United States. The sample population was chosen using the cluster design method. The research started with an initial entry of 14 unique classes. The 14 classes comprised of 708 students, however only 423 accepted to take part in the study. Two students were, later on, dropped in the second phase due to the inadequate response they had provided while filling their questionnaires. According to Wayne et al. during the study behavioral, demographic, and attitudinal data of the student was recorded using a self-managed survey questionnaire (555). On demographic data students’ information such as race, age, residence, gender, and classification at school were collected. The behavioral pattern of the students was based on the intensity of drugs and alcohol use. The students were questioned about their past drug and alcohol usage. The questionnaire comprised of 15 questions in which respondents were to choose answers based on their degree of agreeing with a particular statement.

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