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Factors Determining The Number Of Visitors To Chester (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Field work in CHESTER


Chester field work
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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034370" Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc478034370 \h 3
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034371" Introduction PAGEREF _Toc478034371 \h 3
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034372" Factors determining the number of visitors to Chester PAGEREF _Toc478034372 \h 3
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034373" Pricing/cost PAGEREF _Toc478034373 \h 3
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034374" Seasonality PAGEREF _Toc478034374 \h 4
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034375" Events PAGEREF _Toc478034375 \h 4
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034376" Marketing & promotion PAGEREF _Toc478034376 \h 5
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034377" Weather PAGEREF _Toc478034377 \h 6
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034378" Diversification/new product development PAGEREF _Toc478034378 \h 6
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034379" Visitor management/ interpretation PAGEREF _Toc478034379 \h 6
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034380" Topography PAGEREF _Toc478034380 \h 6
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034381" Transport links/ accessibility PAGEREF _Toc478034381 \h 7
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034382" Population density PAGEREF _Toc478034382 \h 7
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034383" Economy/levels of employment PAGEREF _Toc478034383 \h 7
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034384" Heritage and culture PAGEREF _Toc478034384 \h 8
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034385" Growth of new forms of tourism & leisure PAGEREF _Toc478034385 \h 9
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034386" Trends and fashions within tourism PAGEREF _Toc478034386 \h 10
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034387" Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc478034387 \h 10
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478034388" Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc478034388 \h 11
List of figures
TOC \h \z \c "Figure" HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033980" Figure 1 animal inside Chester zoo PAGEREF _Toc478033980 \h 4
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033981" Figure 2 Animal inside the Chester Zoo. PAGEREF _Toc478033981 \h 4
HYPERLINK "file:/C:/Users/ANTONY/Documents/Field%20work%20in%20Chester.docx" \l "_Toc478033982" Figure 3 the Chester Racecourse. PAGEREF _Toc478033982 \h 5
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033983" Figure 4 The Chester Roman Amphitheatre. PAGEREF _Toc478033983 \h 5
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033984" Figure 5 a cruise ship that offers transport in Chester PAGEREF _Toc478033984 \h 7
HYPERLINK "file:/C:/Users/ANTONY/Documents/Field%20work%20in%20Chester.docx" \l "_Toc478033985" Figure 6 the Airbus factory in Chester, UK. PAGEREF _Toc478033985 \h 8
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033986" Figure 7 the front view and the inside of the Chester Cathedral PAGEREF _Toc478033986 \h 9
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033987" Figure 8 the Cheshire Military Museum PAGEREF _Toc478033987 \h 9
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc478033988" Figure 9 a group of entertainers performing outside the Coliseum Shopping Park PAGEREF _Toc478033988 \h 10
HYPERLINK "file:/C:/Users/ANTONY/Documents/Field%20work%20in%20Chester.docx" \l "_Toc478033989" Figure 10 Grosvenor Open Air Market PAGEREF _Toc478033989 \h 10
Executive Summary
This report contains the major determining factors to the participation in tourism and leisure in Chester. This city is located in England, United Kingdom. The town was once an important tourist destination, and arguably, still remains one. However, there is need to come up with means to improve the number of visitors to this destination.
A number of factors were identified to be determining the number of visors to this destination. Among them were diversification, pricing, marketing, heritage and events. Most people consider these factors in choosing their destinations, as they would choose a place that offers a number of things without having to travel for long distances apart, one they have heard of, an affordable place, one that brings up the heritage of its people and with events that will keep them engaged.
Chester has this perfect mix, with its culture still intact, from the different structures that can be visited that span for ages still intact, animal zoo, different entertainment places and heritage shopping among others. It is also relatively affordable, both on access fees, transport, accommodation and meals.
The town should however come up with events that span over a long duration such as a week in order to be able to attract visitors who can live there for more than a day. This is because, it has been established that about 71% are one-day visitors.
Chester is at latitude of 53.19 and -2.89 longitude and is situated at 34 meters height above sea level. In 2015, its population was 77,040, thus becoming the 100th biggest city in England. It has been an important tourist destination over the years, and arguably still remains one, with about 8.5million visitors per year, of which about 70% are domestic. The paper covers the major determining factors to the participation in tourism and leisure in Chester. It starts by identifying these factors, and goes down to giving the conclusion and recommendations on what to be done in order to improve the number of tourists to Chester city.
Factors determining the number of visitors to Chester
Pricing has been considered as one of the main factors that determine where an individual chooses to spend their leisure time. Kozak, (2010: 176) define price as the amount or the tourism products’ value. According to Karahan(2016, p2) pricing is one of the most important topics that the businesses should consider in order to be attractive. This goes to the extent also of attraction sites. In order for them to have a competitive edge over others, they should be fairly priced. Karahan, (2016, p2) goes forward to argue that economists claim that demand level is majorly determined by pricing. This is because even with the leisure budget, they consider quality for their money and would want to get the most out of what they pay for. Chester has been considered one of the affordable tourist destinations in UK. And with the diverse attractions, is considered a viable place, when it comes to spending on transport to this destination.
Met and Oktay (2011, p.m) argue that even after presenting the options on products, services and price, customers behaviours must be closely examined, followed by continuous adjustments
With the different tourist attraction resources, the town is considered to be one of the year round destination. The destination offers entertainment, cultural heritage sites, leisure shopping, and a feeling of the Roman heritage that makes it an all year round tourist destination. There is also an animal zoo that hosts a number of animals, with endangered species being among them. This makes this zoo a special attraction, with this list of endangered species that are difficult to get in most of the other tourist attraction sites.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 animal inside Chester zoo
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2 Animal inside the Chester Zoo.
The town ho...
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