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The Love Circle (18+): Episode One Creative Writing (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


write an interesting story


“Richie my dear, do you love me?” Jackie asked me as we sat in the sitting room of my house. “Yes I love you my sweetheart?” I answered looking unswervingly on her face. “Do you love me truly?” She asked again lowering her speaking tone.
This reminded me of Jesus of the bible and the way he asked peter three times as he was about to be crucified on the cross. It was only one week and I will be away from Jackie. I had been invited to join Egerton University to do a degree in commerce in accounting.
“Yes I do.” I answered this time round in a more assuring voice. I tried to think how life was to be without my one and only lover Jackie. I knew it was not going to be easy but I had to do it since I had no otherwise.
We had stayed with joy for only six months but I felt as if she was my twin, as if I have been with her for all my 19 years of living on this earth. It was like she carried my heart if not me carrying mine. She was from a neighboring village and I used to visit her very often. She also used to visit me when I am not her visitor.
“If you love me Richie, please make a promise not to leave me for the compass girls.” Jackie told me.
“You are all I have Jackie my dear there is no way am going to leave you whether for good or for bad. I will love you not only till death but even after death.” I assured Jackie.
Jackie was not kind of easy to it let go. Whenever she needs something she persists and makes sure to have it. Even at an early age of 17 years you could tell she was a highly focused girl.
‘How can I be sure your promise is from your heart?” Jackie asked.
Instead of answering, I pulled her towards my chest and blew a kiss on her forehead. This took her by surprise she did not expect it. Before she could think of what next I lowered my lips and met her very soft and shiny lips. I gave a very deep Spanish kiss and she kissed back.
We kissed for very long before we started caressing each other I caressed her from her neck down to her abdomen. I could hear her rate of breathing improve with each touch. As I was acting on her dimples I could hear the volume of the sound made by her breathing being louder than of someone whispering. I was licking her earlobes when she whispered to me. “Richie you are destroying you with feelings.”
“Am going to destroy you completely we will repair everything later.” I replied as I moved my mouth to her neck. I licked it as if I was to be paid for every lick I did.
I changed position and I was sucking her nipples when she removed all my clothes one by one until we were both naked. I knew it was time to finish eating what I had already slaughtered and therefore I carried her to my bed.
The love circle (18+): episode two
I drove my hands to her love garden and I could feel it was on a showery season. The moment I touched the hairs on her kitty garden she made out a shrill morns such that one could hear from about 200 meters from my bedroom. However that did not stop me from torturing her with feelings.
I was trying to reach for her clit when she pulled off my hands and grabbed my jembe and directed it to her ready wet garden. I knew she meant I was supposed to cultivate the shamba as it was on a rainy season in the area.
We meant a so sweet love that we even slept. When we woke up it was already dark. Looking at my phone it told me it was already 7 pm. I knew I had to plan how to cover for her not to find trouble with her parents so I told her to move into my bathroom to clean herself.
I then told joy my sister to accompany me as I escort her for her mum not to suspect anything. She agreed unconditionally.
The following few days I was busy preparing myself for the compass that I did not realize how fast the days were ending.
Finally it was one day for me to leave the village to Egerton University. I was to leave Jackie behind and go. I wished I was able to move with her. I was not sure if I could be able to sustain distant relationships.
Jackie was now a form four in the local day school. She had transferred from alliance girls in order to be available to me when we started the relationship. She was a virgin when we met for the first time and I was also a male virgin. I used to fear doing it since I had been brought up in a Christian family and therefore I used to be warned regularly of dangers of premarital sex.
After a whole month of dating we decided to have a taste of sex. It started when I went to visit her in her home. Her parents and siblings were all in church but she had failed to go with them pretending to be sick. We started with sweet stories which led to us caressing each other. We found ourselves kissing we did not even know how to kiss.
One thing led to another and we found ourselves making love. It was as funny as you can imagine two virgins making love. We did not even use any protection as we were not aware of what they are. I only used to hear of them in class when the teacher was teaching about HIV/AIDS. We found out that it was something worthy for lovers.
I called Jackie at around noon and told her I wanted to meet her before I leave. There is no way I could leave without her “blessings” in any way. She told me she was busy and I decided to give her a visit. I found her at their home washing their house. Her mother was at home too. I lied to her I wanted to pick a certain book from Jackie.
Jackie hugged me goodbye and promised me to love me with all her heart in my absence. I found tears rolling from my eyes on imagining I was to be away from my oxygen as we used to call each other
I found myself singing a song I have never heard anywhere.
Am going to be away
But me leave you no way
No any girl can come my way
I will love you even when am away
Love you
Love you
Love you more than words can define
Love you coz you are all mine
Lo me dear even when am away
Its true love can make you do things you could have never did.
I did not get sleep the whole night since thoughts of Jackie combined with anxiety filled up my mind
To be continued
Love it drop coments
The love circle (18+): episode THREE
“My dear am going with you. You are not leaving me behind.” Jackie told me and took my bag to carry it for me. I tried to persuade her to remain behind but she could not agree.
“Jackie I know you love me so much and I also love you a lot. I will love you when am both with you and away from you. Please go back to school and learn. We need education for our future to be bright.” I told her.

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