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A Walk through the Trail Literature & Language Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The sample is a flash fiction


A Walk through the Trail
The trees were tall, the paths narrow. Mandy had never trodden this forest before. She always made it a point never to hike the same trail more than once. Today was her fourth day, and the unfamiliarity of the terrain was a bit nerve-wracking. She learnt the hard way that anything could happen in the wild, and so, she had come prepared. Mandy enjoyed the rich fresh air, the smell of damp giving it an earthy feeling. The sky seemed to vanish, leaving only a few fragments of blue. Standing in the sleepy forest, Mandy tilted her head up, allowing the wind to blow through her brown hair. She did not feel alone; she felt one with nature. The wind brought the forest to life, and the rustling of the leaves was like a whispering audience.
Mandy could hear the sound of running water and caught occasional glimpses of squirrels running up and down tree trunks. As she progressed, the paths grew steep, and the trees thicker. The hypnotic sound of running water was fading with each step. This hike was longer than any she had taken before. She was walking for nine hundred miles alone. It was an opportunity many people would pass up, but Mandy had nothing to lose by giving it a swivel.

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