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A Letter that Uses the Concepts of Setting and Tone in a Narrative (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Student was asked to choose two concepts in a narrative and incorporate those in a letter to a friend, and to call the reader to action.


Dear Uzziel,
It has been two weeks since I settled back in this laidback town. From hereon, I would go back to my normal activities but the way I view life will never again be the same. I'm writing to you because I know that deep down inside, if not for your fears, you would have chosen to take the same path that I did, but you had your doubts. It is my hope that in writing this letter, I might convince you that it is not yet too late should you wish to finally pursue your heart's desires. The last twelve months have been a whirlwind of wonderful memories, though some of them I would not choose to relive. I have gained an immense amount of precious experiences that have given new meaning to everything I do.
The last time we spoke, I told you about this performing group who were visiting the city to stage a play. I told you that after watching them, I felt an incredible urge in my heart to run away with them and be part of the cast. I admit that I did not think things through well enough when I left everything behind to embark on a journey completely unknown to me. When the director told me that I was welcome to join them after singing a song in front of the group, I immediately said yes. The next day, I had packed a small bag with just a few clothes and a small amount of money.
In those twelve months, the theatre halls of the different cities we've visited have been my home. I have been accustomed to the smell of old costumes and the occasional itching on my arms and legs for wearing them. But what a joy it was when I was finally on stage living the life of a completely new character so different from who I am. I have memorized the timing to which the curtains would drop and lift. The lights on the stage were guiding stars that led to self-discovery in every performance. The applause of the audience was music to my ears to which I have made every final bow.
It is true that this journey had not been an easy one. There were nights when we would sleep on the seats because we had nowhere else to stay. Days came when we barely had food and energy to perform but the show must go on. Yet I recall those times fondly for I have learned to persevere and I kno

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