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Fareportal Company Survey IT & Computer Science Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This was an engineering survey report task


center4500452120GLOBAL SITE OVERVIEW REPORT11540067000GLOBAL SITE OVERVIEW REPORTcenterbottom[Company name] | [Company address]1154000[Company name] | [Company address]center790007945755FAREPORTAL COMPANY SURVEY engineer’s nameAugust 17, 20171154000FAREPORTAL COMPANY SURVEY engineer’s nameAugust 17, 2017right23002311402017760098002017
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc490699110 \h 11.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc490699111 \h 11.1 Objectives PAGEREF _Toc490699112 \h 22.0 Survey Method PAGEREF _Toc490699113 \h 23.0 Survey Results PAGEREF _Toc490699114 \h 24.0 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc490699115 \h 24.1 Main Office PAGEREF _Toc490699116 \h 34.2 New York Office PAGEREF _Toc490699117 \h 34.3 Dallas Office PAGEREF _Toc490699118 \h 44.4 Las Vegas PAGEREF _Toc490699119 \h 54.5 General Recommendations for all Other Locations PAGEREF _Toc490699120 \h 54.6 Web Browsing and Filtering PAGEREF _Toc490699121 \h 6
IT: Information Technology
PoE: Power over Ethernet
VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network
QoS: Quality of Service
BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
NSR: Non-stop Routing
MPLS: Multiprotocol Label Switching
SSH: Secure Shell
Executive Summary
In a bid to understand the network infrastructure, topology, and implementation at Fareportal, the team conducted a thorough survey of the existing systems and made findings that would be useful to the organization. The intention of the survey was to enable the team to perform an audit of the system, to identify the issues with the current implementation, and to eliminate the issues that may exist with the system. The survey team took at least four hours at each of the company locations, and later eight hours after each survey to review the logical systems such as the configurations and the routing and switching protocols.
After the survey on the IT infrastructure of the company, the survey team made a number of observations on the current systems and compared the findings to the best practices to establish a way forward. The analysis led the team to arrive at a number of recommendations for the company’s local area networks in each of the surveyed branches as well as the wide area network, which mainly employs the MPLS system. The aim of making the recommendations was to enable the company finds solutions that would reduce the system outages, improve the reliability of the network, and increase the redundancy options.
There are a number of recommendations that were made for each of the locations and for the entire company. The first one is to replace some of the switches that are near their end-of-life with new, reliable ones that can perform modern switching operations. Secondly, there is need to deploy IPv6 protocol alongside the IPv4 at the New York branch. Third, there is a need for more bandwidth especially for the connections that serve the multinational locations through the MPLS network, and these also need to deploy at least two circuits per link to ensure redundancy. Fourth, there is a need to replace the edge routers and switches with the Cisco switches and routers which are more reliable. Fifth, there is a need for the implementation of various routing protocols such as BGP at the boundaries of the network, and OSPF for the local routing and switching needs. Sixth, there is a need for the company to enhance the security system, especially in terms of internet connectivity, by using the FORTINET firewalls in place of the existing ones. In the future, the company should consider replacing the Tata MPLS system with one that offers two-wave connectivity, which would be useful in connecting the New York hub as well as the Dallas hub to Pune, India.

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