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Pros and Cons of Online learning (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


I am sharing power point slides for pros and cons of for online learning. in the slides both pros and cons are disccussed. both pros and cons are discussed with proper headings and they are well explained. video is also available for these slides which i created using the power point. work is being done on these slides along with the all details. PPt format is not allowed so i am sharing the DOC format.


What is Online learning?
Any learning experience or environment that relies upon the internet as the primary delivery mode of communication and presentation is called online learning.
It is also referred as E-learning.

Pros of Online Learning
Pros of online learning are as follows
1. Comfortable Learning

Online learning is comfortable for the students as there is no need to get up very early ,to be ready for the college or University and to travel for it. Thus it helps the student to have plenty of time and they felt comfortable in such environment of learning.
2. It saves time

E- learning helps to save their time as most of the activities reduces like after online class he can start his study immediately. There is no need to travel to home and get relaxed. Similarly other curricular activities also reduced like playing or outing.

3. Self-Confidence
Since there is no face to face interaction so a student can present his point of view without hesitation. He can ask his questions confidently without being panic. Thus online learning it helps the student to ask questions freely.

4. Improvement in Digital Skills
Students get familiar with basic online presentation and communication skills which helps them in the development of competitive edge and new online ways of working. Thus online skills of newly Bachelors students also gets improved.

5. Availability of materials
Online lectures, flipped lectures and online uploaded save data (video and audio) is available to the students who can watch them whenever internet service or data connection connected is available to them.

6. Lower costs
One of the basic Pros of E-learning is Lower cost. Low income students can also get benefited from it.
Furthermore it motivates the students for online learning as they did not consider it much costly.

Cons of Online Learning
Cons of online learning are as follows

1. Less social interaction
Students are less socially interacted as they get no time to discuss their studies with their class mates. They also did not get benefited from the teachers live discussions regarding their topics.

2. Poor internet signals
Students living in remote areas or in villages face poor internet s

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