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Nursing Career: Motivations, Talents, Abilities, Skills (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


Preparation To-Do List (must do before you start assignment) •Review Career and Academic Planning Unit •Watch Library Resources video •Understand how to access and navigate O*NET and OOH websites •Complete Career Assessment Assignment Overview and Steps 1. After reviewing the results of your Career Assessment, select THREE (3) of the recommended careers. (Note: one career of the three may be one that did not appear on your recommended list, if you are already strongly interested in that career.) 2. Utilizing O*NET and OOH websites, as well as other reliable and reputable resources for career information, research these careers. Gain an understanding of the education and prior experience required for the careers; the expected salary, lifestyle, and anticipated growth of the field in future years; and the day to day tasks and responsibilities of the careers. Assess the activities or factors you may enjoy or would not enjoy about these careers. 3. Select one of the three careers and prepare a timeline from now until you complete all of the necessary education and training to enter that career. Include in this timeline all of the steps necessary to enter the career, including the particular major/program and courses that you might choose to take in college. 4. Prepare a PowerPoint slideshow (minimum 10 slides) sharing the information that you have obtained through your research. Include the timeline in the slideshow. 5. Save your slideshow as FirstNameLastName_CareerPlanningAssignment and submit the assignment.

Nursing is a career
’Career assessment’ has played a critical role in career development and at large the country’s economy among them being: assisting individuals understand their different personal attributes for example; motivations, talents abilities and skills. This attributes influence their potential success and satisfaction with different work option and a person’s work environment.
We see that career assessments come in various forms and the assessments selected by an individual vary depending with the persons’ intuition considering the most important criterion when it comes to occupational determinations, as well as an individual’s outstanding needs regarding a career decision. The common points of variance include; measured attributes, validity, methodology, target customer profile and also career assessment interview. Career assessments are performed with a purpose discovering a person’s skills, aptitude, and talents of a particular candidate. Self-assessment is a process a person can get to learn more about himself or herself and also helps the candidate to be...
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