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Jewish Resistance And The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


The task was to prepare a presentation about the Jewish Resistance and The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The sample provides the answer to the task.

Jewish Resistance and The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Presentation DetailsThe Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
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* The Jewish Resistance occurred in 1943, the period of World War II.
* It Involved the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
* The revolt occurred across the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.
* During the time of the uprising, Poland was under the rule of Germany.
* The key reason for the rebellion was to oppose the early intentions by the Nazi Germany.
* The start of the rebellion was on 19th April when people refused to be relocated to Treblinka.
Background of the Uprising
* The Nazi Germany started to move Jews into crowded ghettos across Poland.
* It is estimated that over 3 million Jews were expected to be relocated to the large Polish cities.
* The move resulted in the death of many Jews due to the outbreak of diseases and starvation.
* The first relocation of Jews started in 1939 with the Warsaw Ghetto being the preferred destination by the authority.
* Warsaw Ghetto became densely populated with over 400,000 people being relocated there.
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
* The first incidence of armed insurgency in Warsaw occurred on January 18th, 1943.
* The resistance fighters (ZZW and ZOB) engaged the Germans in a battle that ensued in warfare.
* During this incident, the Nazi Germans suffered many casualties.
* The implication of the event was the delay of deportation by some days.
* During the alteration, ZOB and ZZW lost their leaders and death of many members.
Uprising Continuation (April-May 1943)
* The Jewish insurgents ambushed the SS auxiliary forces and police on 19th April 1943.
* The rebels used the hand grenade, petrol bomb, and Molotov cocktails.
* They hurled their attack from windows, sewers, and alleyways.
* The result of this altercation was injuring of over 59 Nazi soldiers.
* The move also led to the destruction of two German combat vehicles.
Death toll from Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
* During the uprising over 13,000 Jews were killed.
* Among the 13,000, about 6,000 of them died from smoke inhalati...
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