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Market Research Findings Presentation (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


A presentation on Marketing research findings.


Market Research Findings
Content marketing is becoming a trend in the industry whereby companies want to be recognized for the exact content they produce. Content marketing involves marketing the entire package of goods and services produced by a certain company.
Unlike traditional marketing which focuses their marketing strategies on one product. Big companies apply content marketing because it’s an effective strategy. Content marketing has a high chance of future growth due to technology applied in advertisement.
Significance of the Study
This study aims to determine future of the current form of content marketing. Content marketing is becoming popular at a high rate. This study aims to determine all essential factors that can be applied to achieve the stated objectives.
Literature review
Although content marketing is a new concept, it does not imply that it is new.
This marketing technique has existed for a similar period with traditional marketing tools. Value and content is usually determined by consumers, therefore the increase in content marketing.
Organizations increase their chances of attracting and retaining more customers by providing compelling content to consumers.
Focusing on content allows every marketer to be unique and produce specific content for a certain category of consumers.
This technique enables marketers to engage consumers with a particular brand.
Consumers get to understand more about a particular brand due to unique content for specified consumers.
Markets use articles, videos and white papers to administer content.
Research problem
Increased use of social media allows content marketing expansion. The research problem is to determine how the future of content marketing looks like.
Research Objectives
To determine the current trend of content marketing
To determine the effect of social media growth to the prosperity of content marketing
To determine the strengths of content marketing
To determine the limits of content marketing in attracting and retaining customers
Research Questions
What are the top goals set by organizations when using content marketing?
What decisive factors do organizations set to define the success of content marketing?
What adjustments should be made by enterprises provide cool environment for the growth of contend marketing?
Do cultural differences affect the strategies applied for content marketing?
Summary of Findings
83% of Australian marketers use content marketing. Cultural differences affect how content marketing is applied. Australian companies use about 12 content marketi...
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