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Statement Of Purpose To Pursue A Masters Degree Program (Proofreading Sample)


Proofreading of a statement of purpose to pursue a masters degree program

I grew up in Riyadh, K.S.A, away from my home country India. All our summer vacations were spend in Delhi & Aligarh. My time spent there was more of being a tourist than an architecture enthusiast. The grace emitted by the architectural marvels that complete Delhi, mesmerized me. I used to lose myself observing the intricacies of the monuments, thinking about the way they’ve made this city retain its heritage and essence. The city made me see a wide range of architectural styles, depicted in the British colonial structures by Lutyen, the forts, tombs and gardens by the Mughals and the temples, mosques and markets that were built over the years. My father, a structural engineer, showed deep interest in structures. He took us to all these places and told us stories about the monuments, their history, the designs and the techniques of construction.
It was during my visit to Al Dir’iya that I got hugely fascinated by the historic city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was while here that I developed my interest in building techniques like, the use of thermal mass, stack effect, convection currents, etc. to cool the buildings changed by perspective of viewing buildings only as planning for space and aesthetics. This made me realize that I wanted to build a career out of it. Finally, with great support from my father, I got admission in the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University situated in Aligarh, India.
While pursuing undergraduate studies, I was exposed to a lot of different areas and types of architecture during case studies. However, the areas that caught my interest were Synergized Design and Sustainable Design. I personally felt the need to go deeper into these fields and gauge their importance in our society. To get a better insight in these fields, I applied them in my academic projects, the best being an Art Gallery and a Corporate Office. Landscape designs gave me the freedom to apply a more sustainable approach while designing. On the other hand, interior design taught me various aspects of ‘synergized design’: developing designs to collectively create a space to live work and play merging them together with exteriors.
I am passionate about art and promoting it in places, especially where it has not been recognized as much. A place like K.S.A. where it is in abundance, have very few recognizable display centers. For me, that was not acceptable. I took on the challenge of addressing this issue while working on my thesis titled, “Discovery Island” to be built in Dammam, K.S.A. on an Island. I managed to visit as many art galleries as possible in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah, but almost all of them lacked an identity, space and visitors. This is when I decided to design an iconic structure keeping sustainability in mind for the artist and designers from all over K.S.A. and provide a platform for public events.
Internships played a pivotal role in inculcating practicality into all that I studied. In 2013, I joined Wisteria World, Riyadh, K.S.A. to pursue two months of summer internship and gained practical experience working on bill of quantities (BOQ), architectural details and interior layouts. For further practical training I joined Design Forum International, Delhi, India in 2015, where I was later offered a fulltime Junior Architect position. Working on the elevations, sections and plans of the project: Imperia Group Housing was a very enriching experience. This internship gave me the platform to work in an extremely professional environment. This enabled me to develop requisite and sensible to view designs and ideas from an architect’s as well as a client’s point of view. Later, I moved back to Riyadh, where I worked on numerous projects, the most interesting being Nodeul Island Competition, Seoul in Mimaria I Architectural Consultants where I was selected as one of the main designers in the project as it being very close to my thesis project.
I’ve always been an ardent believer in extramural activities. I consider them indispensable for the overall development of one’s personality. Participating in painting competitions, athletic events, group theme walks and organizing events was an every year fun activities. Being a travel lover, I visited different places each time I had an opportunity to enjoy different cultures, architecture and weather. All the aforementioned experiences mashed together helped me develop leadership, interpersonal and team skills that have enabled me acquire the skills I have now. “Architecture is a venture that desires the technical capability of the mind to see things differently” (A.D. Graafland). This has propelled me to desire to be a better individual in all the architectural ventures I desire to do.
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