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Reading on Spiritual Economies Journal Proofreading Assignment (Proofreading Sample)


Reading on Spiritual Economies Journal write an essay on business management based on spiritual economy


Reading on Spiritual Economies Journal
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In his essay, Rudnyckyj (2009) claims that that spiritual economy is depicted by religious ethics as well as the knowledge in managing the business. The conception of matters pertaining spiritual virtue and religious devotion is an abstract of spiritual economies. This comprises of religion as a form of worship in workplaces, spirituality as the intervening body, instilling ethics, and assigning workers to personal their personal duties. He further, defines a movement supporting a spiritual Islamic reform in Indonesia. These reforms study religious ethics as an economic crisis in the country. More to that, corruption is aimed at in order to be reduced by efforts employed to install Islamic ethics. Also, he asserts that spiritual economy in modern-day Indonesia involves entrepreneurial ethics and the group of Islam.
The approach offered here is contrary to “occult economies” – a notion that poses a threat to religion. Spiritual economies objectify spirituality in terms of administration and intervention; work is rendered as one way to worship and fulfill a religious obligation, and ethics are instilled with standards that ensure profit. These all resulted in a combination of neoliberalism and Islam. The articulate practice in religion is in two approaches of neoliberalism; the first being about the political economy while the other one about standards of neoliberal that are subject to the intended reforms on the projects (Rudnyckyj, 2010).
The phrase “padat karya and hajat hidup orang banyak” (page 117) was not familiar to me and could not be understood. It became a challenge to tell the language used leave alone the precise meaning of any of the words. This was the case in reading page 131 when I also encountered the word “Suharto-era”.
The author makes it clear that emphasizing on spirituality does not mean rejecting science in order to favor mysticism but to ensure the development of spirituality. His main focus is on the three out of five main pillars Islam has an assumption to an economy separated from the religion. These three are: prayers, giving alms, and setting out to pilgrimage. In my own view, I think he would have focused on all five to ensure no stone is left unturned.
In combining businesses management, Islamic practices and ethics, new techniques of governing have been realized. This has covered i...
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