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Discuss How Anime Shows and the Lessons Learn from Them? (Proofreading Sample)


anime shows and the lessons learn from them


To start with, there are quite a number of TV shows today in our media houses many of them having been designed to provide a room for entertainment purposes while others are made to offer teaching values to the viewers. In many cases this TV shows come in large numbers of genres ranging from hundreds to thousands of genre all fit for one’s entertainment needs. Some of the examples of this TV show are an inclusive of horror shows, documentaries, comedy shows, drama, and music shows among others. With so many of this show you can easily compare and contrast to them to getting the best upon your interests thereby getting entertained by the one you like most. With me one of my personal favorite genres is that of a show named Anime. In this essay I will more of my interests to explain two of my recommended shows from the genre. These shows are "Attack on Titan" and "Naruto Shippuden”
This two TV shows to happen to have so much traits that I believe any one will definitely like or rather get interested with. To start with the first one "Naruto Shippuden" is an Anime most probably created for those people who like stories, this is evident from the plot of the show’ script for it is mainly concentrated to a story line focused on a character called Naruto Uzumaki who in the story line tries to achieve his dream of becoming "The Hokage" of his village basically their head of state. However, this is not an easy task for him. Naruto was born an orphan. From the show it is clear that Naruto’s parents died while defending their village from the Nine Tail Fox that same night he was born. Naruto was named Karuma in reference to a giant powerful fox with nine tails which had a huge amounts chakra. Chakra is a form of energy meant to create ninjutsu or in other words attacks. That’s just a little plot on the show. The show teaches viewers important real life situations that I believe is of great help also in teaching morals to viewers
Next is the anime series of Attack on Titan. It is a must for people who enjoy gore with an intense and cold story line. This anime will have you in tears from the very first episode, so if you enjoy crying this anime is a must watch. The plot has to deal with human beings surviving behind three huge walls protecting them from these giant humanoid looking creatures called Titans that crave human flesh. In the first episode the main character of the series is called Eren and he has a dream of joining the Scout Regimen, a military branch that goes outside the walls and fights titans in order for humans to gain more territory for them. The walls were like gods to some of the citizens since it kept them safe from the titans for over a hundred years. The anime series showcases a very intense story of how Eren and the Scout Regimen fought to keep human beings from the brink of extinction. Sadly ...
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