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Proof Read and Correct: Warner Wallace, Mary Louise Pratt, Paul Colaianni (Proofreading Sample)


Read through the paper and correct the highlighted areas

Warner Wallace states that “The largely taught and accepted perspective should be questioned since there does not exist anything as the absolute truth.” The non-existence of absolute truth is proved by the arguments presented by the two articles under review. The articles present the need to question that which the society presents as accepted norm.
Mary Louise Pratt in the Arts of the contact Zone, on the other hand, discredits the notion of having a one-sided story, as related to cultural transmittal. She advocates for transculturation which is; the process of adapting materials from the superior or dominant group by a more subordinated or marginalized group into their culture and combining it with their own. Both texts seem to encourage the reader to question the accepted normal and embrace the existence of other possibilities.
Paul Colaianni in the Questing your truths – The philosophy of belief argues that most of the truths in life should be questioned. In most instances, they have hidden meanings in them. In the present world, many truths that society observers are lies, and because of this, they should be accepted with great care.
In present day society, there are evidently those individuals who matter more than others. Butler states that “when we lose them, we lose our composure in some fundamental sense: we do not know who we are or what to do.”
We still follow the same protocols of grieving set out by society, but our level of mourning is never equal to the one we give to our close loved ones.
Butler argues that “when we lose our closest people we lose our composure in some fundamental sense.” (241). This proposition is true in every society.
Butler “we are undone by each other” (241).
Guaman Poma, the indigenous Indian scholar who wrote a letter to King Phillip III of Spain, provides a good example.
On the contrary, however, a book written by Spanish of I nca and Spanish lineage Inca Garcilaso de la Vega was republished several times and is studied to date. Guaman's Studies Necessity in Spain is not so as lucky.
Secondly, the singular view of the western cultures regarding other societies has been accepted as the truth. Many of the world cultures today are still communicated in the same view and manner the explorers described them. Pratt further writes that travel writing produced the covering of the rest of the world for European readers. It did not report on Africa or South America but rather produced an Africa or an America for European consumption.
Pratt writes “Travel writing produced places that could be thought of as barren, empty, undeveloped, inconceivable, needful of European influence and control, ready to serve European industrial intellectual and commercial interests” (483).
The one-sided view of travel writing contributed to the European consumers deciding to invade other cultures that explorers wrote about.
Pratt argues that “Though Guaman’s letter never got to its intended destination, the “transcultural current of expression” this letter personified has continued to evolve in the Andes.
Butler’s discussion on sexual besides Ness writes that “those who live outside the conjugal frame or maintain modes of social organization for sexuality that...
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