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Hospice Assignment: The Benefits Of Hospice (Reaction Paper Sample)


Read the Hospice fact sheet. Read through the facts and identify which parameter needs the most work. Granted we have come quite a long way from almost no one receiving the services of hospice but there is always a better performance.
Once you have selected the parameter, consider the best way to address this deficit.
You must design at least two different interventions to address the deficiency that will help change things so that future generations will enjoy the benefits of hospice.
When suggesting interventions, be sure to make them specific ideas.
Also, utilize the given numbers when quoting specific areas that need improvement


Institution Affliction
From the information in the fact sheet common sense theory will look at cancer as the parameter that needs much attention. Cancer standing at the top with 35.6% diagnoses for death in hospice is a killer disease that needs much focus and address. This is a dangerous disease where particular cells in the body multiply in growth in a way that is uncontrollable. Compared to other diseases, cancer kills more people in the world. However, discussing the disease is not the main agenda here. Getting to know how to control the disease is the issue. Therefore, in this paper two interventions to address the disease that will help change things for the future generations to enjoy the benefits of hospice are discussed.
From the fact sheet provided 66.7% of patients died at home. A number that is greater than the number of patients who died in hospice and acute care facility which stands at 21.9% and 11.4% respectively. To avoid such to happen, symptom control and good supportive care may at some point be significant in the length of cancer continuum; ranging from pre-diagnosis, all the way through analysis and treatment, to improvement or demise (Newman B& Newman P, 2014). Cancer is a disease that is not curable and hospice facilities are meant for people coping with illnesses that is life threatening. Therefore, there elements should be put to practice in the full management of the patient’s period of illness.
Formerly, a hospice was put into use as the lone option for patients when a failure in treatment was experienced. Nowa...
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