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News Article Reflection: Fears of New Intifada Accompany Surge in Mideast Violence (Reaction Paper Sample)




News Article Reflection Paper
Institutional Affiliation
Review of ‘Fears of New Intifada Accompany Surge in Mideast Violence’
By Rudoren J
Oct. 6th 2015
New York Times
News on the return of another of the famous two violent attacks in the Middle East, Intifada, has sparked interest in various news corporations worldwide. Among various news journalists, Jodi Rudoren recently reacted on the increased killings between Palestinians and Israelites at the Gaza border. In her coverage of the upsurge of violence between Palestine Arabs and Israelites, Rudoren highlights the anxiety contributed by these killings. The consequences of the first and second Intifada were traumatic that prevention of a third combat of the sort has been the major concern of the Palestine Authority (Rudoren, 2015).
However, the recent upsurge of killings in both sides of the divide involving shooting of innocent minors has evoked fear of an imminent Intifada. Rudoren (2015) included quotations from several analysts purporting that a third Intifada is imminent, the question being when it will begin. Nonetheless, Rudoren (2015) in her article claimed that thoughts of another Intifada are obsolete because the circumstances that led to the previous uprisings are quite different to what is unfolding now. This follows failure to resolve the long-lasting conflict through diplomatic dialogue even though leaders from the two sides claim to support peaceful dialogues on the same. This reflection paper aims to highlight the background of the previous massacres between the two sides and most importantly to shade light on the historical causes of the conflict.
Although other analysts would disagree with the fact that historical injustices play an important role in what is transpiring in the Middle East, the impact of historic politics on the issue cannot be ignored. The Israel-Palestine conflict, from a historical perspective, can be connected to the role of British intra- and post-world war I.
The role of Great Britain’s administrators in the establishment of the conflict is associated with the signing of three treaties, treaties that have been widely reflected upon by many historians interested in Middle East politics. These treaties include the Hussein-McMahon correspondence, Sykes-Picot agreement and most importantly the Balfour declaration of 1917 which led to the settlement of the Jews in the Palestine region. The then British government pledged support for a Jewish national home in Palestine (Caplan, 2010). However, it is understood that in an earlier treaty with the Arabs (Hussein-McMahon correspondence), the British had promised independence of the Arab states in exchange of military support to defeat the Ottoman Empire. From this perspective, the Arab resistance on the settlement of Jews on their land was justified.
Rudoren (2015) noted that even with the increase of the violence, thoughts of a new uprising by connecting current events with the past are obsolete. The News writer from New York Times supported her claims with the fact...
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