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The Importance of Recognizing the Signs of Stalking (Reaction Paper Sample)


Writing about stalking in a given organization small case study


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In the recent past, research has shown that stalking has been a significant problem in the teenagers, working mates and couples. This issue begins after the two people have disagreed, one starts stalking or spying on the other. The adverse effects of stalking should not be reduced nor reduced nor dismissed as everyone on this earth has a right to live a life without fear (Whaley, 2012). Therefore this paper aims to come up with a tool on how to assess and evaluate the levels of stalking in the office working environment and also create an awareness to the department about the importance of recognising stalk and the impacts of it.
This paper will talk about stalking and the general effects of stalking to the office working environment. It will give ways on how to know a friend or working mate is stalking you and the precautions to take when you realise the same. Stalking is an issue that has led to criminal offences, some of the stalkers kill the person or their friend who they are talking to. It is essential to take precaution and know it exists and to what level does it affect you. World statistics show that most of the stalked people are the teenagers in a relationship with 42%, followed by classmates with 24%, then acquaintance with 10%, friends come second last with 9% and lastly is the core workers with 6% ( National Bureau of Statistics, 2010). It shows that the most affected people are those in relationships and the couples in marriage.
The Importance of Recognizing the Signs of Stalking
By recognising stalking one can avoid harassment, harassment is a way of downgrading somebody by showing that he knows you know much. Harassment and stalking have a close connection in that somebody will stalk you for a reason of showing you that you know not much about everything (Fein, R. B, 1995). Hence by recognising that someone is stalking you, you can avoid harassment. This intimidation is not good as somebody can get your private information, and he or she will use the information to hurt or harass you in public places.
Through identifying that you are being stalked by someone, you can avoid being controlled by the person. The stalker takes your private information by either following, texting and calling anonymously. The risk exposed to you by all these actions is enormous, they might demand money with a threat of exposing your privacy to the public. Everybody should be careful the strange texts and calls received. Not only through calls but also through the strangers we give a room by allowing them to have our private information through sharing our essential information.
Definition of Stalking
According to law stalking is a pattern of continuous threatening and harassment that indicate a threat. Stalking can be done by either following the targeted person physically or through the social media platforms, texting or calling in odd hours with unknown phone numbers. By an individual getting to know and understand stalking, they can protect personal issues and can't be stalked again, and his or her security for private data is maintained.
Critical Facts that one should know about Stalking
Stalking is an international disaster, it both affect the local and remote environment as well as broadly impacts the international level. It mainly has two significant hazards that have an impact on each existing on earth. The following are the dangers of stalking:
Cyberbullying is the primary effect of stalking, cyberbullying has a close connection with this hazard. By having an individual's private information, the stalker can post anonymous information to the public concerning the person being stalked (Fremouw, W. W, 1997). Cyberbullying happens mostly on the social media platforms. It has affected the youths most and occurred in any region of the world. This problem can lead to death at times, as one gets somebody's private information he or she can use the information to stalk her, and the individual will trust the stalker, later realising that it was a stranger and he or she has been infected he or she commits suicide. Cyberbullying is the significant hazard of stalking, and ways of taking care of it among the youths in there working and schooling environments should be taken care of.
Criminal offences
By the stalker obtaining your private data, he or she will keep following you, texting and calling to know your location. Recent research shows that technology has in a way impacted crime in the world at large (UN, 2015). Through the advancement in technology and lack of sustainable employment opportunities for the youths, the youths have joined crime and cyberbullying through hacking and getting the private data of people. This data is used to track the individual; the data can be phone numbers or the email addresses that gives IP address which is used for stalking the individuals. Despite the many benefits that technology has impacted to our lives, there is also the negative side that has destroyed the young generation and the generations to come.
Cyberbullying and the crimes that come from stalking are challenging to impose solutions to but, through awareness creation, the youths who stalking affects most can be saved from the above problem. Awareness can be created by organising sensitisations at workplaces, schools and the detailed environments. There is power in information, it may not reach everyone but can change some lives. Also, the social media platforms to be used in spreading information regarding how to recognise stalking and the way to react when you identify the problem (Coleman, F., 1997). Introduction of this program to learning institutions will make the students learn more about stalking and the effects on their lives. At working places, sensitisations should be organised and training on the security issues as they are core issues in their lives.
Creation of job opportunities for the youth
Research has shown that the global youth unemployment rate from the year 2009 to 2014 with a forecast up to 2019. The global youth unemployment rate was at 12.9% in the year 2012. (National Bureau of Statistics, 2012). This percentage of the youths being jobless is large; an idle mind is the devil's workshop. When memory has no job or business to do plus being desperate, they will opt for a lousy solution that is a crime. Crime cannot be reduced without better solutions imposed to the youth as they are the world's largest population.
CITATION Col97 \l 1033 (Coleman, 1997) CITATION Fei95 \l 1033 (Fein, 1995) CITATION Fre97 \l 1033 (Fremouw, 1997)
References BIBLIOGRAPHY Coleman, F. (1997). Stalking behaviour and cycleof domestic violence. Journal of Interperosnal violence.Fein, R. B. (1995). Threat assessment. An approach to prevent targeted violence.Fremouw, W. W. (1997). stalking on campus: The preverence and strategies for coping with stalking. Journal of forensic science.
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