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Reflective Report (Reaction Paper Sample)




(Tour to Oxford University)
Our group prepared a report based on our invitation to the University of Oxford as a reflection for what we did in the University. This report is based on my previous class work which I did on business management course. When we were at Oxford University, I was able to cover four stages of my group discussion and they include forming, storming, norming and performing. In the first stage, there were a number of things which took place such as luck of critical analysis on the survey that I was conduct and poor decision making. In this my reflective report, I have a plan to provide solution to my problems which I could not find when I was doing my research on the college assignment.
From my group project, there were a number of achievements which I made when I was there. I was able to lean how to work with people from different backgrounds. I was also able to develop leadership skills as I was elected to be the leader of my team and I was able to lead our group successfully. I learnt to delegate duties and ensure that we work in teams without any conflict. When I was in Oxford University, I was also able to lean how to solve conflicts between different people. These skills will help me in future when I will be working with other people from diverse cultures.
There are also some weaknesses which I had never known that I have. This included inability to analyze data using chi- square test. I was also not able to use data analysis software and this gives game me a very hard time when analyzing data based on my research. These were the only things which gave me problems with my assignment. Because of such problems I decided to invite another student from Oxford University to assist me analyze my data using SPSS. Through this I was able to complete my assignment successfully. The invitation of the student from Oxford university to assist us analyze our data was a problem as some of my group members were not for that opinion. This disagreement was solved by allowing members to vote and we managed to win by three to two. Other ...
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