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Interreligious Communication: How can a Multireligious Society Live in Peace? (Reaction Paper Sample)


We would like you to write a short essay on the topic: Interreligious communication. How can a multireligious society live in peace? (Include at least one academic source, use APA 7th edition, word count 500 words +-10%).
Please, make sure it corresponds to the following requirements:
- At least 500 words long
- 12pt font, Times New Roman or Arial
- Double-spaced
- 1-inch margins on all sides
Your sample paper will be evaluated based on structure, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and flow of ideas.
Please, make sure all the sources are properly cited. We do not tolerate plagiarism in any form.


Interreligious Communication: How Can a Multireligious Society Live in Peace?
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Interreligious Communication: How Can a Multireligious Society Live in Peace?
Following the 9/11 twin attacks in New York and the subsequent rise of Islamic radicalization, religious coexistence and tolerance have been mere academic vocabulary thrown around to spark dialogue. Islam and Christianity account for nearly 80% of the world's religious population. When the media uses religious connotations and fracas, they are often usually referring to these two. Coexistence in today's polarized, radical, and religiously prejudicial society is more complex than ever. For ages, these two religions have been working effortlessly to outdo each other, further heightening tensions, discord, and misunderstanding. However, as the world persists in learning how to be inclusive, tolerant, less racial, and more accepting, religion can learn from the same. Therefore, a multireligious society can coexist peacefully through open religious dialogue, tolerance, and acceptance.
Religion is a complex web of beliefs, credence, and principles that informs people behavior and mannerism. Every religion has its foundational writings that capture these tenets and differ across the board. Due to these differences, coexistence has long been an elusive unifying factor, often culminating in publicly played out exchanges and fights even (Austin, 2017). Therefore, peaceful

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