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Nursing Knowledge, Development Theory, and Orem’s Self-care Deficit Theory (Reaction Paper Sample)


respond to the following
Nursing knowledge can be formed into many different areas with each one impacting the profession of nursing either individually or as it intertwines with different areas. As knowledge is incorporated into practice objectives can be identified and will help to support and further practices that lead to increased quality of care (Kramer, 2017). Having nursing knowledge and continuing to grow knowledge has significant impacts on nursing practice, as knowledge increases and grows nurses become more well-rounded and disciplined (Kramer, 2017). The more knowledgeable and disciplined a nurse is the more complete the care will be ensuring that the nurse can take the appropriate actions required to provide care in high acuity situation (Kramer, 2017). While maintain knowledge is important for nurses, they must also be equipped with knowing which is an on-the-spot understanding, explanation, and inner focus of a situation that a person is currently in (Kramer, 2017). For a nurse to implement knowing and knowledge within clinical practice they must have the ability to be flexible and understand care required within complex situations (Kramer, 2017). Furthermore, theory development can define the nursing as it plays a role in all areas of nursing from clinical practice to research (McEwen, 2017). Theory development allows for them to be a correlation between these areas of nursing that continues to allow information to be exchanged and expanded (McEwen, 2017).
Nursing theory can benefit me personally as it can help to guide my clinical experience and practice. Being aware of the many nursing theories and how I can apply them to my patients, myself, and my care allows for me to view things in a unique perspective. By understanding nursing theory, I can increase my knowledge of evidence-based practices and how to improve quality of care. Furthermore, nursing theories can help to advance the nursing profession as it is a way to guide practices and relate to evidence-based practices. My answer has not really changed from week one because it has always been about nursing theories allowing for me to continue my care and provide care that of high quality and views the person in their entirety not just their illness.
The nursing theory that I feel will have the greatest impact on my professional practice is Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory. This theory is all about caring for oneself mentally and physically. To clarify, if I am unable to care for myself how will I be able to care for others. As nurses it is important to make sure that we are taking timeout for ourselves to be refreshed as well as to understand why we think and feel the way we do about certain situations. If we as nurses can look within ourselves and gain understanding and knowledge, we will be better suited to help our patients and remain open to their situations.
Kramer, M., Chinn, P. (122017). Knowledge Development in Nursing, 10th Edition. [[VitalSource Bookshelf version]]. Retrieved from vbk://9780323530613
McEwen, M., Wills, E. M. (20171228). Theoretical Basis for Nursing, 5th Edition. [[VitalSource Bookshelf version]]. Retrieved from vbk://9781496351210


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Your discussion is insightful. I have gained a lot on nursing knowledge, development theory, and Orem’s self-care deficit theory. The main aspect I have learned from your discussion is on the nursing knowledge, how advanced it is and how it has helped in the nursing care practice. I agree with you, as a nursing student by now, I understand the diversity of nursing knowledge. 

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