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Write Personal Letter On The Topic Of Teenagers Use Of Drugs (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task was to write personal letter on the topic of teenagers use of drugs


In all times there existed a problem of understanding between teenagers and their parents. Nowadays adults in chase of material well being and personal dissatisfaction of living standards are more intend to ignore and hide face from their children worries and problems. Lack of love and companionship drive to children and teenagers despair and low self- esteem. Adults are too busy for sincere and open talks with their kids, they have no times for being examples to follow, and most do not promulgate healthy way of life. On the other hand, there are adults who overconcern their children giving them no chance for independence and self- expression. Too much pressure and custody lead teenagers to the unsociability and inability to cope with the first difficulties in their lives. Absence of parental understanding the least needs make teenagers address with their problems to the other sources, not always right and true. Hopelessness, misunderstanding in families, desire to escape from the existing problems, stress and worry provoke teenagers for using tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, which are the most common used by teenagers nowadays.
I still remember one year ago, I went to one classmate’s home to do our class group project together. I saw a hookah on the table there. That was my first time I saw hookah so that I asked my classmate how to use it. Then my classmate took some dry hemp into the hookah and lighted hemp with some strange smell. He told me that this could make people feel better after smoking. Later I have known that marijuana was made by hemp and it was one of the common used drugs in the United State. That is a true story that happened to me but which was also not a weird thing among the American teenagers.
The seat of a trouble should be found in the families and explored by parents as they are the most important influence in teenagers’ decisions about drug use.. There are many ways for solving the problem if parents noticed their children use drugs. According to HYPERLINK "" \o "EzineArticles Expert Author Merv Nash"Merv Nash’s article ““How to Get My Kid Off Drugs” it’s a vital to conduct the open up talks and ask ten for his or her expectations; to discuss the problem and to pay attention to the responses; to seek for an expert assistance. Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter recommends to play role scenes to prepare children for refusal from drugs. The letter also pay attention on the importance of talks between parents and children, discusses, explanations of the potential danger from drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, and warn about their horrible impacts. It’s useful to remind the children the expectations of their household and family, to reassure the fact that it is forbidden to use any drugs.
HYPERLINK "" \o "EzineArticles Expert Author Gool Bugwadia"Gool Bugwadia in his article”Can We Stop Our Youth From the Perils of Drug Abuse” calls parents to involve teens into the activities which could excite them or arouse interest in new knowledge, personal achievements and development. Such availability would simply take time which children could use for inappropriate things like alcohol or drug use. Gool Bugwadia appeals for instilling values such as love to life, care of one’s body and mind. Teenagers should know the possibilities which are opened for the sober and drug free people, the new opportunities and perspectives.
Nowadays the drug abuse is under strict control by the educational establishments. The whole procedures and policies are called to prevent the use of any drugs, alcohol and tobacco by the students. For instance, Carrie Gillette in her article “Campus Drug Court Program Still Going Strong” introduces cases from campus drug court system, which regulates the use of drugs and alcohol. “Drugs should not interfere the educational process and are forbidden to everyone” it is being said. It’s being also reported that use of drugs is not just serious health problem in itself, but it can also bring user physical and mental problems, such as unwanted pregnancy, violent behavior, sexually transmitted diseases (HIV) and psychological depression.
 HYPERLINK "/c/m.exe?t=7472_1_2&s1=%ED%E5%F1%EE%E1%EB%FE%E4%E5%ED%E8%E5" Nonobservance of the ...
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