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Student's Comments (Reaction Paper Sample)


The purpose was to provide a brief peer-review of a fellow student's essay. The paper analyzes the views, perspectives, style, and knowledge of subject matter.


Student’s Comments
Student’s Comments
Seth’s paper on operational management of IBM highlights several key aspects. First, the convergence of technology, and diffusion of information has allowed the world to transform into a global market. This means that companies in the 21st century have the opportunity to seek out resources and clients from a global pool. The author notes the significance of a global operations strategy to multinational companies. Firms that have thousands of employees, capital resources, and clients from all over the world need to implement a well-thought strategy that optimizes the productivity of their resources. Wren and Bedeian (2009) assert that, “operations management occurs at both tactical and operational levels of a firm.” This underscores the significance of executive management in overseeing the design and control of business operations. Seth notes that after its financial collapse in the early nineties, IBM had to develop a reorganization strategy. Reorganization is underscored by Slack, Johnston, and Chambers (2007) who emphasize that, “firms must constantly evaluate and reorganize their operations to fit the market expectations, rather than wait for a shattering event.”
Stephanie’s work evaluates the operational competence of Packaging Corporation of America (PCA). She notes that PCA excels in delineation of core and non-core functions. The multinational has divided its operations on a geographical scale in order to attain a competitive edge. Hopp and Spearman (2011) explain that “competitive advantage is derived from a firm’s ability to evaluate, and interpret key business environment signals.” PCA has maintained its operational competence by making strategic acquisitions and alliances all over the globe. Business executives play a significant role in harmonization of operations. Hammer and Champy (1993) assert that “global operations management can only succeed in an en...
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