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Environment Health and Sustainable Development (Reaction Paper Sample)


The paper is a student's personal reflection on the trimester work on health, environment and sustainability. it was meant to reflect on their group discussion topic and reflect on another groups work (air pollution). Paper details were a spacing of 1.5 and there were no specified formats but a combination of them


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Environment, Health and Sustainable Development
What lessons heard, read, found and presented and the way they changed my feeling about environment
There are several aspects of global environment that I learnt of their effects to human. Air pollution, water contamination, industrial hazards and agricultural hazards form the major contributor to environmental hazards. I have established that there are several links that exist between health, environment and sustainable development. For instance, industrial and agricultural hazards contribute to air, water and land pollution that contributes to poor health of humans. Equity and sustainability form the central principles in preserving environmental health. I concur with Landon (2006) that an affected population cannot adequately deliver leading to strained economic development.
I also learnt that environmental quality is affected by human activity across the globe. Developed countries pile pressure on developing countries which experience aftermath of environmental pollution. Industrialized countries contribute more to global warming, an effect that affects poor countries more than the developed ones. Equity should be practiced by the industrialized countries paying for their effects to the developing countries (Landon 2006).
My reflections on how the world can reduce environmental harm are by reducing on factors of production that contribute much to the destruction of the environment. My feeling about environment changed as I saw the inequality in resource distribution caused damage to the environment with increasing requirement to distribute resources equitably.
According to me, a healthy environment presents a situation where the population can work freely without suffering the effects of polluted air and water, hazardous effluents from industries and agricultural production. The rationale for this definition is to provide an ambience climate for economic sustainability and good health. A pollution-free environment grants the population access and freedom to develop ((Szyszkowicz 2015).
Reflection on one of the group’s presentation (Air pollution)
Outdoor air pollution makes a significant environmental health problem as the group defines it. The most affected countries are the middle and the low income countries. The group expounded on how pollutants have both short- and long-term health effects on various populations. The group explained the main components and the source of air pollution that affect health of the populations. The explanation that air pollution is largely due to particulate matter like aerosols, fine solid or liquid particles and other fine particles is satisfying and shows intensive research on air pollution. The main theme presented in their work was the burden presented to the low and middle-income countries by the developed countries through their industrial actions.
The control of air pollution is challenging since it is caused by several factors. The three main causes of air pollution are burning of biomass fuel, transport and power stations burning fuels. I was not expecting transport to feature among the main causes of air pollution in the low-income countries. I discovered that the main source of Sulphur dioxide is power stations that burn fossil fuels in urban areas.
One recommendation for controlling particulates is to use gas cleaning, use less coal and biomass fuels as well as separating residential areas from industrial areas. This proposal can work to limit the expansion of air-polluted areas and reducing mass infections from the pollutants. The government can invest in separating these areas and put policies that control usage of biomass fuel. Embracing clean energy is the option.
Our Group Presentation On Water Pollution
The group presented the topic on water pollution after a detailed research and reading of the materials presented in the class. The group deliberated on different issues to each group member and all members shared their thoughts on improving their presentation. Some members were tasked with iden...
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