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Gender and Media Communications & Media Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


Reaction to the films "miss representation" and "the mask you live in" in relation to the influence of media on gender.


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Gender and Media
Media is all over and it has become part and parcel of every American citizen. Various forms of media play different roles from communication and the sharing of information to being a source of entertainment. Media has such great influence on what people do because they are everywhere, in phones, newspapers, and televisions, they cannot be avoided. Similarly, media has a great impact on the way citizens think and view the world. Whatever people see and read in the media is perceived and believed to be the truth. A lot of stereotypical ideologies have been developed through the saturation of media in American society.
As individuals develop and grow, the external environment plays a role in how they perceive the world. The media is extremely influential that one will find it difficult not to play along and embrace the messages passed through them whether bad or good. Consequently, people start imitating the acts drawn from the stereotypes related to an individual’s gender conveyed through the different forms of media. The results can be seen on young kids and how they relate with each other (Knorr). For instance, when observing children playing it is common to see boys bullying girls with later being okay with it. This scenario is totally a reflection of what the kids watch in television programs.

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