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Addiction to phones (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task was to respond to a given article that explored the addiction to phones.

Ali Alsahaf
Professor name
27 March 2014
Addiction To phones
Addiction refers to the inability of someone to do without something. A person can be addicted to alcohol, drugs or even phones. In the recent past, there has been a significant increase in the number of people addicted to phones. In the article ‘Addicted to Phones?’ by April Frawley Birdwell, the author focusses on some of the clues of phone addiction and further provides some important information that is useful for all regular phone users. In this paper, I will summarize the article and then give my opinion on the views presented by the author.
In the ‘Addicted to Phones?’ article, the signs of phone addiction are looked at. One of the highlighted clues is the inability of users to stay off their phones even for a little while when doing important things. Lisa Merlo, assistant professor of psychiatry, notes that some people will not keep off their phones even if they are eating or attending important meetings. These are the kind of people that suffer from phone addiction. The professor highlights the way people react to being forced to do without their phones as another sign of addiction as frequent users who find themselves in this situation will be so anxious that they will not even enjoy what they are doing.
The author points out that addiction to phone is just like any form of addiction thus comes with a number of problems. Excessive use of cell phones will lead to the users forming a certain pattern of behavior. The users develop a certain feeling that they feel has to be satisfied and they will do whatever it takes to achieve the feeling. They also suffer from withdrawal each time they have to do without their phones. Addiction leads to change in the way the brain function as well. For people addicted to phones, there are ways through which they can fight the addiction. Merlo advises that the best way of doing this is to get a phone with reduced features and also setting limits of the places and time to use the phones.
According to me, phone addiction is indeed a big problem as stated in the article...
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