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How To Improve Learning Among College Students Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


personal reflection on how to improve learning among college students


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Personal Reflection
Part One
A significant proportion of college students find studying to be a substantial challenge. Notably, most learners struggle with low attention spans and lack of concentration, which perceptibly limit their brains’ capacity to store information. The following study pointers can help to improve learning;
1 Develop a study timetable. Timetables help students to create flexible routines, which ultimately enable individuals to develop the discipline required to study and prepare adequately for tests. It also facilitates time allocation.
2 Use the spaced repetition technique to memorize information. This method entails dividing big chunks of data into small pieces and consistently reviewing them over a long period. For instance, rather than trying to learn the whole periodic table in one sitting, a student can memorize several rows daily, then review them occasionally before moving on to learn new rows.

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