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Reaction Paper on the Excerpt Given (Reaction Paper Sample)


Write a reaction paper on the excerpt given

Student’s Name
Section One
Enthusiastic attitude, good listening ability and open communication are traits that I admire in team members. I have been in many groups till now and I have come to appreciate working with enthusiastic people. Such people are highly motivated and take initiative on issues of interest to the group. I love enthusiastic attitude in people because results are easily realized in such environments. I have been disappointed in some people who lack motivation in live. Low enthusiasm goes hand in hand with dismal motivation. Open communication is another trait that is necessary in team members. I always encourage people in any team to embrace open communication. Team work requires a lot of coordination to achieve results. Open communication has always helped my teams to achieve a common understanding. I have realized that some people are naturally quiet. Such quiet people hardly voice their opinion even if they have a good idea. When given a chance to lead a team, I always ask provoking questions to team members so as to get everyone’s opinion. Some quiet people are keen and help detect loopholes in strategies. As much as open communication is required in a team, I also admire working with people who listen well. Good listening ability helps a group to communicate effectively. I admire working with people who take time to listen before they respond to issues. Good listening is a requirement for accurate feedback. I have also worked with people who start replying to inquiries even before the question is finished. Such poor listeners always rush to give inaccurate responses. I am always appreciative to work with people who embrace openness in communication, have enthusiastic attitude and listen well.
Section Two
My first goal was to effectively deliver a speech to an audience. I realized that delivering a message requires more than just talking. I must endeavor to pass my message to the audience that is assembled. I also had a goal of mastering the content of my message so as to pass reliable and accurate information. I sometimes developed fear when presenting my speech. I realized that fear would significantly affect the content delivery. I planned to master the content to help me continue speaking even when nervous. Today, my main challenge is taming fear and nervous feelings. I want to work on my confidence levels so as to deliver a speech effectively. A friend told me that people do not always know what my speech will compose of. He encouraged me that I am the boss when delivering a speech. I realized that some people never notice that I am afraid when speaking. I am committed to master confidence so as to deliver effective speech. I will develop many speaking schedules to enable me excel in confidence. I also have a goal of getting feedback from my audience. I want to know ways of telling that an audience is fully concentrating on my message. I admire speakers who stir their audience into laughter and applause. I am challenged to rise up my confidence level and deliver clear content to my audience.
Section Three
My group used several examples in the presentation hence making it easy for the audience to flow with the content. We also had simplicity in word choice during our presentation. I have realized that complex words reduce the message reception. The present globalization has created a mixture of audience from place to place. Our use of simple words helped many people to understand the message. The use of examples also helped to drive home our points. We chose examples that are relevant to the audience and the content. Some people chose examples that are abstract and out of tune with the theme of the message. Not all examples are relevant to the audience. My group selected examples that rhyme with the audience. Our speech was also well researched. We did intensive investigation into our topic a...
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