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Discuss How Chinese Government Firewall Policy Has Impacted The Chinese Population (Reaction Paper Sample)


Discuss how Chinese government firewall policy has impacted the chinese population.

The grand Ted Talk by Jing Zhao (Michael Anti) explains how the internet functions behind the Chinese powerful firewall. Presently, there are five hundred million users of the internet in China. Michael illustrates how censorship logic functions and the way the firewall benefits many users. Michael gives an insight on the rising levels of micro blogging and how it contributes to dynamic changes in china. He discloses that, despite prevailing control over the internet by the central government, all servers are being located in the city.
The firewall is a weapon of protection. It has made numerous local Chinese websites powerful. It also contributes to maintenance of social stability and stability in the government. Hiding the truth is impossible, but irrational thinking and rumor fades. The freedom of speech is not compromised in a country like China. China has enacted adequate measures to maintain internet vitality lest international communication is impaired through the internet.
Introduction of firewall and any correlated access or negotiation facility should not cause inadvertent failure of standards. Besides, it should not legitimize compliance in regard to usage where the fire wall is absent. When such problems occur, it is the responsibility of the associated software, and the firewall to attend to the problem.
It is difficult to suppress issues that encompass freedom of people. Suppression ascertains how freedom can be observed as an illusion. The government of China emphasizes on freedom of speech when it needs criticisms from the opposition. However, there is a need to understand the clone and block policy of government censoring. This may accord the government an illusion that it is ultimately in power. The Chinese population has significant influence than the power vested on censoring the government.
There is a need to ensure sustainability in relation to the internet to underpin growth of business and vast digital global economy. There have been leakages of decryption of user communication as well as surveillance of users. On the contrary, ITU is clearly against these situations. They have outlined that an individual is worth the outrage appearing against the ITU. Exterminating the internet neutrality is detrimental to both users and Google. In my opinion, it is wrong for ITU to emphasize that it can escape the outrage. This is not possible under any circumstances.
The ordinary end users benefit more from internet regulation than companies. In fact, regulations do not individuals, but companies that share information on the internet. Therefore, regulations are meant for companies because they would lose a...
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